Toothpaste Tube Making Machine/Laminated Tube Machine/Abl/Pbl Tube Machine

Packaging Technology: Welding, Injection
Application: Dairy Products, Cosmetics, Skin Care Products, Hair Care Products
Soft and Hardness: Flexible Package
Circulation Function: Outer Packing
Frequency of Use: Packing
Mode of Operation: Packaging of Export Products
Trademark: NON
Transport Package: Wooden Crate
Specification: 4810*870*1700
Origin: Jiangsu, China
HS Code: 8441801000
Product Introduction
  1. B.GLS-III Aluminum-Plastic Tube Making Machine:
Mould Size Diameter (mm): 12.7, 16, 19, 22, 25, 28, 30, 32, 35, 38, 50, 60
1.1 Introduction:
B·GLS-III Tube Machine is successfully researched, designed and manufactured by our company with the advanced technologies home and abroad on our tube machine of the second generation. Together with mechanical, electronic and pneumatic technologies, the B·GLS-III is high automatic. Compared with the machines of the same kind home and abroad, it boasts of lower investment, higher productivity, lower consumption, easier operation, automatic warning on failures, non-stopping roll re-feeding, accurate position of rotary cutting, easier maintenance and more stable performance. With the high frequency welding and the aluminium-plastic laminated material, it can produce laminated tubes of all specifications with smooth and firm welded seam. Its accurate cutting makes the tubes the same length.
This machine is mainly composed of automatic roll-releasing device, connecting platform, storing case, automatic margin-cutting mechanism, automatic tube-forming device, high frequency welding mechanism, vertical and level traction devices, automatic tube-feeding mechanism, automatic synchronous revelling cutting mechanism and computer control system. It has awarded the national patent, and the patent number is 02219950.0. And the patent number of its high frequency welding device is 002119963.7.
1.1 Main Parameters:
1 Power of Main Machine 2 .2KW
2 Power of Cutting Device 2.0KW
3 Power of High Frequency Welding 15.0KW
4 Power of Other Welding 1.50KW
5 Power Supply 380V/50HZ
6 Most Productivity 150pcs/min, 18meter/min
7 Machine Dimension 4810(L)×850(W)×1700(H)mm
8 Machine Weight 2500kg
B.ZT-III Automatic shoulder injection machine
Mould Size Diameter (mm): 19, 22, 25, 28, 30, 32, 35, 384050, 60
Automatic soft tube production line can connect Tube making (PE tube extruding, Lami tube sealing) with shoulder injection machineforming an automatic process. This line is suitable for PE extrusion tube, plastic laminated and aluminum plastic laminated sealing tube.
The main technology is about the automatic shoulder injection machine.
(Same production) Tube making & shoulder injection total 2 operators Tube making & shoulder injection total 4 or 6 operators
Transferring process operators No requirement 2 operators 
Operators Annual salary   60,000 RMB 120,000 RMB to 180,000 RMB
Power cost, quantity 1set 2sets
Power consumption 12KW 22KW
Power consumption
70% calculation 8.5KW 15KW
Power cost per day(1.2RMB/KWH) 224.8RMB 432RMB
Annual consumption (300days) 67,440RMB 129,600RMB
What's more, this automatic production line has advantage of sanitation, which decreases the pollution of manual tube put & lift, reaching requirement in stricter daily cosmetic and food packaging industry.
You can save more cost by making investment in this line instead of cost saving in more than 2 years.
Choose our products, choose our after-service.
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Some question for Automatic shoulder injection machine:
1. Available diameters:Dia19-60
2. Production speed: 50pcs/min
3. Rejection : 2%
4. Time for changing moulds: 4-7hours
5. 1-2-2 Operators needed for whole line: 4 people
6. Whole line power consumption: 65kw
7. Whole line occupies14meter(length)*10meter(width)
8. Whole line compressed air consumption in CBM:
B.ZT-III Shoulder injection machine: 1.0m?/min
B.GLS-III Tube machine: 0.6m?/min
B.KFX-II Aluminum sealing &capping machine: 0.5m?/min
9. Cooling water temperature for whole line: 15 to 23.
10Tube plant temperature keeps from 25 to 27.
3. B.KFX-II Tube Drilling &Aluminum Sealing&Capping Machine (Automatic Type)3.1 Introduction:
This machine is suitable for opening the hole in the head of plastic or aluminum-plastic laminated tube which is hermetic, and sealing the hole with aluminum foil, then capping the tube finally. It includes three functions together.
  This machine is an ideal machine for the tube manufacture plants. It uses the advanced PLC control and screen-touch interface programs, and the servo electric drive can keeps pinpoint. It also enjoys firm structure, widely usage, high speed and stable operation. Accurate holing, attractive sealing and precise capping are all the advantages of the machine.
3.2 Main Parameters:
1 Power Supply 380V, 50Hz
2 Power 3.5kw
3 Air Supply 0.5MPa
4 Air Consumption 0.8m3/min
5 Productivity 55 pcs/min
6 Foiling Precision 99%
7 Capping Precision 99%
8 Tube Diameter Ф19~Ф50mm
9 Thickness of Aluminum Foil 0.008~0.01mm
10 Dimension(L×W×H) 2200×2000×1800
11 Weight 850kg

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