Paper Bag Packaging Environmental Design (1)

Analysis of the status quo packaging has the function of promoting the development of commodity economy, and this basic function has been fully utilized by people. For example, the current smoke label design is brighter and more colorful than ever. Not only is the choice of materials diversified and the energy is high, but also its design is even better, lest it miss this small world and fully self-promotion. In addition, in the past, there was very little packaging to buy, but now a beautiful bag and tray will appear, which will not only facilitate the guests, but also make a strong publicity for their own products, which will have a mutually beneficial effect. . The packaging market has reached a new frontier landscape. Bag packaging has also attracted people's attention. Related industries such as materials, design, equipment, post-processing, and transportation are also booming.

However, the development of the bag packaging market has also brought a lot of negative impact to the society. The most important thing is the pressure brought by waste bags to the environment. Most of the bags are discarded and become trash after they are used. In today's social logistics process, bag packaging is inevitable. Therefore, bags and packaging wastes will cover the packaging market with a layer of fog. How to do a good job in bag packaging market, the most important thing is how to deal with the waste generated, how to solve the problem of environmental pollution. According to relevant information, for the entire packaging market in China, the current annual output of plastic packaging is more than 2 million tons, and it is difficult to recycle about 30%. In China, about 16 million tons of waste are produced each year, of which the main one is Plastic Packaging.
Solution In order to better develop the packaging market and achieve sustainable development, we must effectively solve the environmental problems of bag packaging. First of all, in terms of significance, we must constantly improve our understanding of green packaging. Green packaging not only refers to the renewable packaging material itself, but also should be viewed from the aesthetic point of view, people's perfect form to the bag packaging. A truly perfect green packaging, the material is degradable, renewable, structural design is the most provincial material, the most convenient quantification, the most simple to make, at the same time, visual color design is pleasing to the eye. In this way, it constitutes a green package of perfect significance. It is no longer the individual career of the designer, but the result of the joint efforts of the whole society. The integration of consciousness is the spiritual support for green packaging to survive and develop.
In addition, scientific and new energy research and development designed and rational scientific green packaging materials, green packaging. This injustice is only a matter for researchers, and it is also the responsibility of the designers. To do this, we must use the least amount of energy to create the most suitable green packaging. Serve the society and serve humanity. Among them, the research and development of paper products has become an upsurge in the current society. At the same time, the demand for paper is also growing with the progress of the society. In this regard, the demand for high-strength corrugated paper is the most prominent. According to forecasts by authoritative departments and customs departments, by 2005, the supply and demand gap for high-strength corrugated base paper in China will be as high as 1.6 million tons, which is one of the most investment-oriented paper and board varieties. It can be seen that the Chinese packaging market has already begun to be enthusiastic about the demand for paper products. This is not just because paper is a highly degradable material. Moreover, the paper has a wide range of materials, low cost, no pollution, and meets the needs of sustainable development of the global economy. So, how should we do a good job of designing green bag packaging for paper products?

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