Automobile has more and more independent brands joined

Automobile Has More And More Independent Brands Joined

According to the news, On August 31st, More car-sharing comes into market , the car-sharing area add another independent brand again-Beiqi. Up to now, Geely, BYD, SAIC and many other auto brands have joined the time-sharing rental, and they all use new energy vehicles as operation subjects.

Lebrun found that during the first half of 2017, SAIC increased about 216 million Yuan to its car-sharing project, at the same time, in this period it transferred about 292 million Yuan to fixed assets.

The essence of car-sharing is timeshare rental, which began in 1990 s in foreign countries. The emergence of online hailed car and bicycle-sharing makes a series of shared concept popular, it is natural that timeshare rental uses the concept of car-sharing.

As the bicycle-sharing topic cooling, some people think that timeshare rental will become the next prevalent topic. But up to now, although the development is similar to bicycle-sharing, there is not large amount of capital coming into the car-sharing area.

While Mobile has been raising financial successively.

From this point, although they are same in travel market, but what car-sharing needs is not to be overvalued. We should think from the position of traditional car power.

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