Annual consumption of ink will reach 300,000 tons

In macro terms, by the end of 2005, the development goal of China's ink market was to reach an annual average consumption of 300,000 tons of ink, including:

1 Lithographic printing ink still occupies the dominant position in the market, and the market demand has steadily increased. The market share is generally about 50%. With the rapid development of China’s newspaper industry, the growth rate of web offset printing inks for news publication and printing will be higher.

2 The demand for the gravure printing ink market is stable. Given the rapid rise of food and other plastic packaging, the demand for plastic printing inks, food packaging printing inks, aromatic-free inks, and water-based inks will increase.

3 The market demand for letterpress inks will drop significantly. Nowadays, there are very few lead edition stamps. Toppan printing has been replaced by plastic stamping and flexo printing. Among them, the proportion of flexo printing inks has increased significantly with the rapid development of packaging printing.

4 The demand for screen printing inks is on the rise. The development of the outdoor advertising industry will increase the demand for light-resistant screen printing inks, and the amount of screen printing inks for materials such as glass, plastics, and metals will also increase.

5 Due to the rapid development of various high-end packaging printing, bill printing, document printing, securities printing and banknote printing, the market demand for special anti-counterfeit inks and special inks is still on the rise from the overall perspective. Anti-counterfeiting inks, UV inks, The demand for fluorescent inks, pearl inks, and jet inks will increase substantially.

By the end of 2005, the annual consumption of ink in China will reach 300,000 tons, but the per capita consumption of ink is still less than 1/24 of the world's top 3 average level, and the per capita consumption of printed materials is still less than 1/20 of that of developed countries, paper and cardboard. The per capita consumption is still less than 1/13 of that of the United States. This shows that China's ink market has great potential for development. In the new situation in which China has joined the WTO and gradually integrates into global economic integration, in addition to increasing output, China's ink industry should pay attention to adjusting the industrial structure, increase research and development efforts, increase product technology content, increase variety, improve grades, and improve quality. The stability and uniformity of the product make it adaptable to the development needs of today's multi-color, high-speed, fast-drying, non-polluting and low-consumption modern printing. Improve the overall level of China's ink, and enhance domestic ink in the international market, the ability to drive the rapid development of the ink industry.

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