Storage shelves - daily maintenance tips for storage shelves

With the development of social economy, the use of storage shelves is getting higher and higher, and the storage shelves are not like ordinary goods. The most important thing is the quality or the time of his use rather than the appearance. There are many factors that can affect the length of storage shelf usage, such as: temperature, humidity, lighting, ventilation conditions, etc. If the humidity of the warehouse is too large, it will lead to rust on the shelf, reduce the load-bearing capacity of the shelf, and reduce the service life. In fact, extending the service life of storage shelves is inseparable from the daily basic maintenance. The following is a more practical storage shelf for daily maintenance tips recommended by everyone!

1. Apply protective paint regularly to reduce rust, do daily inspections, and fix the screws where they are loose. Make timely ventilation and keep the warehouse from excessive moisture.

2, to avoid excessive sun exposure, reasonable ventilation of the shelves, to prevent wet goods placed on the shelves, should be drained and dehumidified as much as possible.

3, according to different shelves, channel width and delivery tools with a set of anti-collision columns. Install a crash barrier at the channel location.

4. The weight of the goods placed on the shelves must be within the weight of the shelves. The warehouse tally is best to carry the load-bearing load-limiting logo on the shelf. It is necessary to follow the principle that the weight of the bottom of the shelf is light, that is, the bottom layer is heavy, and the upper layer is light.

5. Heavy-duty and high-rise shelf warehouses must be equipped with powered push-up vehicles. The use and operation of push-up vehicles must be operated only by licensed personnel. The deformation of most of the warehouse racks was caused by the use of push-up vehicles by non-designated personnel.

6, the provisions of the shelf use system. Different warehouses, different goods, and shelves for each warehouse have different ways of using them. Warehouse managers must develop a shelf-use system that allows each shelf user to learn and follow, which is the ultimate way to achieve goals.

Then the above is Xiaobian and you share the "small common sense of daily maintenance of storage shelves" Oh, I hope to help you!

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