Lake workers, four boys, Spring Festival, home-made 3D printer

Yesterday was the seventh day of the first month. Many college students were still immersed in the lively atmosphere of the Spring Festival. Peng Cangxue, a senior student at Hubei University of Technology, was alone in the bedroom and screamed his own "eyes" - 3D printer , in order to continuously improve the equipment, this year's Spring Festival He stayed alone in the bedroom during the period.

In Peng Cangxue's bedroom, the reporter saw that when the mouse used the software to design the funnel pattern on the computer, the nozzle in the chassis began to spray out the printed material, and soon a three-dimensional funnel model was printed.

Cang Peng snow reports, he studied mechanical design, before the winter break he bought on eBay for a variety of material 3D printing machine assembled, and purchased software packages. “The design is my own painting. During the assembly process, I asked the professional teacher for guidance.” Peng Cangxue said that it took him about 20 days to complete the 3D printer, which cost more than 2,000 yuan and is still being debugged and improved.

Peng Cangxue told reporters that the roommates have gone home. His family is in Inner Mongolia. It is necessary to go back to a trip. The fare is more than 1,000 yuan. Considering that he will graduate soon to find a job, his grades are average, but his ability to do it is not bad. So he decided to make use of winter vacation. A representative work, I hope to add points to myself in the process of applying for a job.

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