Cangshan snow station in the sea Yunqi ULVANG Merino wool training pants test

Cangshan snow station in the sea Yunqi ULVANG Merino wool training pants test

Tester: Dazhao

Friends 10,1 During the Golden Week, they posted a photo on a circle of friends while traveling abroad. Immediately I was attracted by this picture. The waves were like the water in the mirror, the mist in the distant mountains, and the immersion of friends in the blue sofa. In a clear "seawater", quiet and mysterious, immediately ask: Where? Answer: In the sea of ​​clouds and clouds, this place has occupied my mind. The Xiaguan customs passed Huanshan Xuehaihaiyue, which became synonymous with Dali. Tianlong Babu and Nanzhao Old Country continued to deepen their impressions. It was precisely at this time that ULVANG Merino wool training clothes were equipped with cool equipment. The idea of ​​traveling around the Bohai Sea came out. Immediately look at the Raiders to do their homework. Please take a rest and book a ticket at one go.

Around the Bohai Sea, I will write a detailed travel note and introduce it directly into the testing session.

I. Product introduction and information:

Founded by Winter Olympic ski champion Vegard Ulvang. World champion and adventurer Vegard Ulvang wins Olympic champions, world championships, and many World Cup champions in the ski field. Ulvang is also known for his passion for outdoor activities. Ulvang's footprints stretch across Greenland, Siberia, the highest peak in the world, and horseback riding in Mongolia. But more than any of the above adventures is worth mentioning is that he has been traveling in Norway's forests and mountains since childhood, and now to the present Outdoor sportsmen. Ulvang's experience is often the basis for the development and design of new products for Ulvan branded apparel. We work closely together to find the best solution for quality and comfort. Many details are incorporated into the design.

product description

Midlayer series

Place of Origin: Lithuania

● 300 grams per square meter, providing greater thermal performance;

● Visibly visible reflective elements, thumb deduction design, and color-shifting elements are not only safe and practical, but also add fashion colors.

● No fabric labels to avoid itching problems

● Machine washable at room temperature, not easy to pill

● Use the best 19.5 differential wool fibers to ensure that it is not itchy.

● YKK zipper

Ingredients: Fabric 97% merino wool and 3% lycra (elastic fiber);

Mesh section: 94% merino wool, 10% lycra, 6% polyester fiber

Price: top 1199 yuan / under 999 yuan

Second, the test person introduced: Otsuka: 2002 began outdoor, 13 years of outdoor experience. East to the Yellow Sea, west to Mount Everest, south to Wuzhi Mountain, north to Ejina, played in the Shanxi 72 mixed ditch canyoning, washed clothes on the Yellow River side, experienced Taibai 8 winds and Blizzard, seen on the Sangong Mountain The appearance of Huashan Nanfeng is always on the road because it likes the feeling of being outdoors. He likes research equipment, has a deeper understanding and experience of outdoor equipment, and has written lifesaving boxes, emergency clothing, lamps, stoves, upstream, hiking, cross-country running shoes, mountaineering and other footwear, and Vibram five-toed shoes. Sports video cameras, backpacks, tents and other equipment assessment report and published on a number of websites and activities recommended. Third, the static description: This is a Merino wool training underwear, using a special mesh design humanized distribution in the underside of the armpit, back, thighs outside, to provide the best path for the discharge of hot gas and sweat. The orange part is elastic fiber. It is distributed on the back of the neck and on both sides of the back. It is suitable for the body to do a large stretch or contraction activities (the inside of the crotch is also made of such materials as grayish black), and it also guarantees the wear resistance. Reticulated polyester fibers are distributed on the back, on the outside of the thigh, and on the back of the knee, ensuring the need for perspiration in the hot areas during heavy exercise. The seams use double-lined flat pressure seams to reduce the friction of the skin. The back side of the body is sewn with white fluorescent thread, which reflects light during activity at night. In addition, on the left shoulder, the cuffs, and the back of the neck, there is also a light reflection sign with Ulvan LOGO on the back of the knee to ensure personal safety at night when going out. The uniqueness of its structure makes the odor very smooth through adsorption-transfer-discharge, which ensures that I will not have any odor in the uninterrupted wearing of the next 10 days. The first time I contacted Melino wool products was in 2010, I tested a wool T-shirt, thin as a flap fabric, soft feel, left me a good feeling, a few years later, Murray Noble wool products are more accessible to the outside world, and merino wool can be seen in clothing, clothes, hats, and socks. What is Melino wool, what Ulvang is using, and a picture of our brains filling it up and making it subtle - gives me the feeling that the 16-19 fiber gives me a smooth touch rather than a rough one It was as if we were dressed in cotton clothes and replaced with silk clothing. The basic itinerary is Dali Ancient City - Caicun Wharf - Xizhou Ancient Town - Shuanglang Ancient Town - Guze Ancient Town (Dacheng Ancient Town) - Shuanglang Old Town - Shuhe - Lijiang, among which the exciting 3rd section is Cai Village Wharf to Xizhou Ancient Town (one way 30 Km), from Shuanglang Ancient Town to Caishui Ancient Town (from 28 kilometers) digging the ancient town to Dacheng Ancient Town (from 10 kilometers) is on foot, the rest is a ride. Ulvang wool training pants I was wearing personally, there is no discomfort, I thought Dali Yanhai Sea will feel hot during a long hike (daytime temperature of 25 degrees), so with a piece of T consider can be replaced at any time, but this set of Ulvang Wool training pants have very good breathability and heat dissipation. Basically, they don't have to take off anymore, and they don't smell bad every day. Because not only the training pants but also the tents are tested, they need a camping test. My arrangement is basically one day camping outdoors. The inn remodels one day and enjoys the pleasure of the outdoors and the people of the world. Occasionally, it is also possible for the petty bourgeoisie to drink tea in the sunshine and see the scenery.

According to the custom, running 3 times a week or to continue, every 10 kilometers, travel is no exception.

On the day of the 3rd wind, the waves of the Bohai Sea fluctuate, and the running feels no heat and sweat. After walking slowly down, they do not feel wind blowing through the clothes. They do not lose their temperament and do not sweat. They feel that the body temperature is a thermal balance. The wristband has a wristband design to prevent the cold air from pouring in and make the sleeve fit the upper limb better The neckline is a non-open design, or is considered in thermal insulation, while the manufacturer is full of confidence in the overall heat dissipation of the underwear, the zipper head is orange ribbon to prevent the zipper embedded in mesh fabric during the opening and closing process. The zipper on the neckline is anti-loaded, and the zipper rubber head feels smaller and the LOGO is not obvious. On the side of the body, the open-cut side is designed to have a scalloped flat pressure, which forms the skeleton of underwear. Although it is intertwined, there is no frictional discomfort. This is the state of reflection of the fluorescent sewing thread and reflection mark under the light, if there is an extra layer of protection at night. Cai Village Pier - the ancient town of Hezhou (30 km), according to my normal walking speed of 6 km / h, 5 hours can be. This route is along the coastline of the Bohai Sea. The scenery is beautiful. On the left is the vast Cangshan Mountain, on the right is the sparkling sea of ​​Bohai. After walking through the villages and walking through the fields, the interest of the scenery along the way is getting higher and higher. The windmill in front of the farmhouse plays.
Eyeful green and bright sunshine On the left is the vast Cangshan Mountain, surrounded by white clouds, and looking around. The hikers are alone. Sometimes people ride over me.

Passing through a market town, for the first time I saw celery and white stem green leaves. In my hometown stems and leaves are all green.

The villagers who told me the dish told me that the dish was delicious and there was no fiber. Let me taste it. I found a photo of a party in the street.

The weather was clear. A wild bird on the water looked for food. A Mengzi dipped in and went far to expose the water.

When he arrived in Ma Jiujiu, he knew that the name of the place was because the predecessor of the outdoors, Tsing Yi Sadao, had opened an inn here, but the time was not found. Because my goal is the Haiyunqi Inn, which is the location of the photo I mentioned at the beginning of the article.

I found a beautiful woman to take a photo

Everywhere you can see the splendid flowers of the artillery.

Now picking strawberries actually sells 30 pounds, let's forget, I still eat my apple.

Relying on mobile navigation finally came to this charming place - Hai Yunqi

The sofa is still there, but people are missing sights. Between the heavens and the earth, the scenery is seen, the wind stops, and the clouds are plentiful. My heart is drunk.

Water and sky, grotesque trees and casual sand chairs are so beautiful

If possible, I would also like to camp here and hear the Bohai whisper every day.


The reflection and the yellow-skirted girl turned out to be so inviting, watching the scenery eat a light meal here, and no one even interfered with you.

When I come back to my hometown, let me tell you which inn is memorable. Haiyunqi is not one of them.

6 hours on foot, 4 pm to reach the ancient town of Xizhou, known as the Xizhou Temple, one of 10 to 15 yuan is to eat. The Yangjia Courtyard is a must-see, and the pillars carved in the beams represent the most luxurious levels of residential buildings in the ancient town of Xizhou.

Wood carvings and stone carvings can be seen everywhere. Kung Fu is meticulously detailed. At present, it was rented by an American couple and opened into a pub. Online bookings were full and there were no available rooms.

30 kilometers on foot, it took 6 hours, carrying 20 pounds, wearing ulvang wool underwear was not even a sense of thermal bloating, taking advantage of the weather early in the coastal camp.

In the evening, the sea is very windy, and the temperature at night falls below 10 degrees. Fortunately, the ulvang merino wool suits give strength. Not how it feels cold.

Silent all night, get up on the roadside in the morning to the double gallery, the most beautiful scenery should be here

Young life is blooming.

On the day of the rest of the gallery, it began to be a double gallery - digging trekking. It was also an essential section. The mountain trails and the scenery moved with the steps. It was still at a speed of 5 km/h. This set of ulvang merino fleece pants showed me very satisfied.

Looking far back to the double gallery, Yuji Island explores the sea.

There is a cliff in the Qingshan Mountains. The ancient Sakya Buddha was printed with a few words. There is a footprint-like pit. According to legend, it is a footprint left by Sakya Buddha, and the other is on the foot of the chicken foot 30 miles away.

A giraffe's street sign shows that the digging town has 7 kilometers.

The residences are still row upon row, and the beautiful gatehouse shows the strength of the home.

The falling Bougainvillea is still dazzling in the sun. Shuanglang - digging 28 km round trip, also went to the ancient town of Dacheng, the ancient town is relatively well-preserved, 100-200 years old house there are people living,

The old man's house is the oldest town in Dacheng. He said that his son was doing repair work on ancient buildings in Guangzhou. His son told him that his house should be kept and could not be sold. I asked: Give you 1 million to sell, the old man said. Do not sell, old people will not be destroyed in my hands, and the answer is very firm.

Back to the Shuanglang is the West slope of the sun, photographed this flowery girl, if possible, I would also be here daily, facing the sea, spring flowers.

Summary and Suggestions:

ULVANG wool clothes can be worn as training pants with its soft performance. It can also be worn as a warm layer and it can be worn without prickle. The warm layer made of fine wool fiber gives me warm protection. The amount of excess heat is dissipated and the body does not feel hot. It forms a heat balance area thanks to the function of the back and thigh side of ULVANG wool trousers. Partition, wearing no more than 10 days did not even have no smell (this is also the test content). Shuhe and Lijiang are due to their high altitude and proximity to Jade Dragon Snow Mountain. They cool in the morning and evening. The heat of ultraviolet light is strong at noon and is 5 degrees to 25 degrees. The temperature difference is large. Sooner or later, local people wear down jackets or coats. I still Is wearing ULVANG wool underwear, wearing a TNF soft shell and trousers, temperature regulation on this ULVANG wool underwear, and I was very satisfied with the overall performance.

Suggestions: 1, the number I want is the XL code, 178CM I still feel too large, replaced by L code, but still wear some unsuitable, may be the European version of the amount of reason, the proposed M number;

2. The zipper on the neck zipper and trouser waist is small, and the logo is not obvious. It is recommended as a webbing handle.

3. The zipper on the underside of the leg is reversed, and the zipper meshed nylon teeth do not feel comfortable on the calf. It is recommended to change it into a formal dress.

Thanks to equipment cool and ulvang to provide this test product, but also thank ulvang's customer service staff for the product number exchange, so that I can successfully complete this test event.

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