What is the correct method of stone care

Stone care machine is also called stone refurbishment machine. Stone refurbishment care machine is an ideal machine for stone refurbishment and grinding care works in factories, property management companies, cleaning and cleaning companies, stone refurbishment care companies, building decoration companies and stone decoration companies. The stone refurbishment care machine is a practical stone refurbishment machine sold by Guangzhou Pinnuo Company. The stone refurbishment care machine solves the difference of slag removal, leveling, polishing and polishing of stone floors, floors and floors in China by one machine. The demand for multi-functional machinery and equipment for craftsmanship.

Stone nursing machine product characteristics

1. The stone care machine adopts full gear transmission, which improves the service life and reliability of the machine. The four-grinding head counter-rotating operation mode improves the operation stability and flexibility of the machine.

2. The mechanical grinding expansion can reach 660mm.

3. With different grinding discs, 12 or 24 abrasives can be installed at one time.

4. The machine adopts uniformly distributed drainage device and double vacuum cleaning device, which can be used for dry or wet grinding.

5. Through simple adjustment, multiple machines can be operated in parallel at the same time, greatly improving work efficiency and reducing labor costs.

Stone nursing machine usage and precautions

1. Check the integrity of the machine before use, ensure that the machine operation control and electrical parts are not damp, and the operation control switch is intact;

2. Understand the construction situation, choose the grinding method, such as dry grinding and water grinding, using dry grinding, to ensure that there is no residual water in the machine water tank, if dust-free construction is required, connect the industrial vacuum cleaner;

3. When using water mill, the construction tank should be filled with clean construction water first, do not fill it too full, to prevent the machine from being damaged when the machine is tilted and when the abrasive is installed and replaced, the machine will be damaged;

4. Install abrasives: Select the matching abrasives according to the construction situation and construction process. The abrasive must be installed correctly. In order to avoid the injury and damage caused by the abrasive detached from the abrasive fixing parts during the use of the machine, use a metal cutter head, select the magnetic connection abrasive to ensure that the abrasive is stuck in the disk, and select the screw to connect the abrasive. Tighten the nut, select the paste abrasive, the abrasive must be installed to match;

5. When installing the abrasive, tilt the machine, support the rubber pad to contact the ground, adjust the operation switch of the machine to the closed position, press the emergency stop button and be in the locked state.

6. Different abrasives should be replaced with different connection methods in advance. Install the magnetic disk to remove the dirt on the strong magnet, and install the adhesive disk to ensure the adhesion of the adhesive disk;

7. In the case of polishing, it is not necessary to move the casters before installation;

8. Install the waterproof cover, the connection of the waterproof cover should be at the rear position of the machine, put the machine back to the working state, adjust the construction folding handle to the convenient operation state;

9. Make sure that the leakage protection device is normal, connect the waterproof power plug of the machine to the machine socket, check that the control buttons of the machine are all off, and turn on the power;

10. When using a water mill, the water switch should be turned on to ensure that water flows into the construction ground, the operating frequency should be selected to pop up the emergency stop button, and the direction of operation should be selected for operation;

11. To stop the operation, press the emergency stop button, turn off the running direction switch, turn off the water switch, and shut down the main power switch for a long time shutdown;

12. Complete the work to clean up the residual water in the machine;

The correct way of stone care

Do not rinse directly with water

Natural stone care, like natural wood, is a porous material that can breathe, so it is easy to absorb moisture or invade pollution through water dissolution. If the stone absorbs too much water and pollution, it will inevitably cause various stone lesions, such as: cracking, weathering, shedding, floating, yellowing, water spots, rust spots, white flowers, matte surface and other annoying problems. Therefore, the stone should avoid washing with water or washing the surface of the stone with a moist mop.

Do not touch non-neutral items

All stones are afraid of acid and alkali. For example, acid often causes the oxidation of ferrosulfide minerals in granite to produce yellowing. The acid will decompose the calcium carbonate contained in the marble and cause the surface to be eroded. The alkali will also attack the granite feldspar and quartz silicification The crystal grain boundary of the material crystal causes the phenomenon of grain peeling. Therefore, non-neutral objects are the reason for destroying the mirror surface of the stone.

Do not wax

Not only will it block the capillary pores in which the stone breathes, but it will also be stained with dust to form wax scales, causing yellowing on the surface of the stone. If pedestrians and places where the frequency of goods circulation is extremely high must be waxed, all professional maintenance companies must be asked to guide the wax usage and maintenance.

Do not use non-neutral cleaners

In order to achieve a quick cleaning effect, general cleaning contains acid and alkali, so if you use a cleaner with unknown ingredients for a long time, the gloss of the stone surface will be lost, and the residual of non-neutral agents is the main cause of marble lesions in the future. .

Do not cover carpet and sundries for a long time

In order to keep the stone breathing smoothly, avoid covering the stone surface with carpets and debris for a long time, otherwise the moisture under the stone will not evaporate through the pores of the stone. The stone will cause annoying stone lesions due to excessive moisture and increased water content. If you must lay carpet and pile debris, please don't forget to change it frequently and keep it clean.

To immediately clean up the pollution

All stones have natural capillary pores, and pollution sources (oil, tea, coffee, cola, soy sauce, ink, etc.) will easily penetrate into the stone along the capillary pores, forming annoying stains. Therefore, it is necessary to choose a special protective agent of high quality for application on the stone to prevent the pollution of the stone by the pollution source. It is necessary to know that all protective agents cannot block pollution 100% for a long time, so once a pollution source is poured on the stone, it must be clear immediately to prevent penetration into the capillaries of 100 materials.

Always keep ventilated and dry

Stone is afraid of too much environmental humidity. Moisture will cause hydration, hydrolysis and carbonation of the stone, causing water spots, bleaching, weathering, erosion, rust yellow and other lesions, destroying the stone. Therefore, the cultural stone should be kept ventilated and dry at the exit.

Be protected regularly

To protect the life of the stone and prevent the penetration of water and pollution sources, it must be protected regularly (1-2 times depending on the type of stone and the quality of the protective agent is best done in 1-3 years). Special attention must be paid to the quality of the protective agent. After the application, it must be able to maintain the stone's breathability, water resistance and stain resistance. Never use protective agents from unknown sources, so as not only to fail to achieve the protective effect, but also to increase the trouble of stone maintenance.

Editor's summary: Relevant information about what stone care machine is and the correct method of stone care is introduced here for everyone. I hope this article will be helpful to everyone. If you still do n’t understand something, you can leave a comment below, we will answer it as soon as possible.

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