Canon 5D Mark3 camera misformatted video data recovery

Media Information: Canon 5D Mark3, 32G Kingston SD Card

佳能5D Mark3相机误格式化视频数据恢复

Customer Name: Mr. Liu

Fault description:

The customer took a day's video with a Canon camera and stored it on a 32GB Kingston SD card, almost full. The next day, the material is forgotten to export, the card is formatted and the material of about 10G is taken, and the video file before formatting needs to be restored. Looking for a lot of homes in Zhongguancun to recover, almost all the files that came out could not be played normally. I heard that Das data recovery technology industry leader, I found Das data recovery to try to recover.

Data recovery process:

The Darth data recovery engineer first uses Darth's professional video fragmentation software for data extraction, and then performs the underlying processing of the video fragmentation data. After several hours, the data recovery is completed.

Data recovery result: data recovery success rate 99%

Difficulties and skills:

The video captured by EOS 5D is stored in a fragmented manner during storage. Therefore, it cannot be scanned and restored in the same way as a normal file. It is necessary to thoroughly parse the storage principle of the video file to effectively process the fragment.

Advice to customers:

Data loss in time to find a professional data recovery company to do data recovery, so as not to cause significant loss of data loss. Darth data recovery, specializing in high-hard disk, raid, server, database and other data storage media data recovery. Beijing Data Recovery will select Darth Technology.


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