Sedentary men's 4 fast and effective cellulite movements

Because men who often sit or often stand at work, because of lack of exercise, they often grow meat, especially in the abdomen, often because of alcohol, it is easier to produce beer belly. Once a healthy body, full of abdominal muscles are gone, will not feel very pity, in fact, to choose the most suitable men's cellulite exercise, it can be very effective and fast.


Swimming can consume a lot of calories for us. As long as 12 minutes of freestyle every day, you can consume 836KJ of calories, 3 times a week, you can stay away from obesity. This short-running and calorie-consuming swim is the best time to save time. Although it is also swimming, the amount of freestyle swimming is relatively large, and the time required is only 12 minutes.



Walking often is also a good exercise. If you insist on walking 10,000 steps a day, you can keep your body shape from rebounding. It is best to use a speed of a little sweating, walking 10,000 steps a day, you can consume 836KJ, 1 You can lose 1kg in a month. If it is converted into time, which is equivalent to walking 2 hours a day, you can walk a distance of 4 kilometers slightly faster than usual, especially when walking on slopes and other places with slopes.




The way of jogging has been valued by more and more people in recent years, because this aerobic exercise can fully burn body fat and continuously deliver oxygen to all parts of the body. You only need to perform more than 20 minutes to get the effect. Is a very outstanding way to lose weight. And jogging is aerobic exercise. After 20 minutes, the body's fat will start to burn and achieve weight loss. Swimming, walking, etc. are also aerobic exercises, which can be chosen according to different conditions.


   Stretching movement

If you want to do stretching exercises, it is best to stick to the next seven seconds, so that you have the effect, you can also choose the amount of exercise that suits you according to the actual situation. However, it is necessary to use stretching exercise to lose weight. If you give up halfway, it will have the opposite effect, so you must stick to it. Some people hope to lose weight by reducing food, you can press the acupuncture points in the ear to control the appetite, that is, hungry, press about 5 times a day, can effectively reduce appetite. However, it is best to do it 30 minutes before meals, and the effect is better.




If you like to bathe, you can also lose weight by soaking your body. Because soaking the half body in water at around 37 degrees Celsius can activate the cells in the body and speed up metabolism. Imagine that it is a pleasant thing to bathe in the water and relax the fatigue and effectively promote the discharge of sweat. If you don't like sports men, use a simple half-length bath.


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