Does South Korea’s semi-permanent make-up hurt?

Does South Korea’s semi-permanent make-up hurt?
Is Korean semi-permanent make-up harmful to the skin? It can make the plain face worse and bring a sense of makeup. Therefore, Korean semi-permanent make-up is getting more and more popular, so you will see some people unloading their eyebrows. Looks good, the lips are still so pink, but there are also some people who worry that the semi-permanent make-up "beauty" on the skin surface will cause harm to our skin.
Semi-permanent make-up is the use of instruments to evenly implant the natural pigment into the superficial layer of the skin. The damage caused is very subtle and completely neglected. It is as if you accidentally smashed the skin, it will be a reason, of course, this is in the hands of a formal professional makeup artist.
1. Korean semi-permanent eyebrows and eyeliner
The Korean semi-permanent eyebrow is operated on the epidermis and does not affect the hair follicle. The same is true for semi-permanent eyeliners, the difference being that the eyeliner is made above the eye and operates at the root of the eyelashes. The principle is the same as the eyebrows. It is also on the surface of the eyelids. The makeup is fixed, and the eyeliner is faster.
It should be noted here that allergic physique, and guests with frequent eye irritation, try not to draw eyeliner as usual, but you can choose semi-permanent make-up. After doing it, you can maintain a long time, and you are not afraid of makeup repeatedly irritating your eyes. Of course, if it is not very necessary, it is recommended not to do it. It is more necessary. It is recommended to find an experienced professional doctor to operate.
2, semi-permanent lip
The principle of semi-permanent lip and eyebrow eyeliner is the same, because the area of ​​the lip is large, it may be a little swollen just after it is done, and it is related to individual differences. At this time, remember not to eat spicy food, seafood, can not eat, local hygiene should also pay attention to timely application of repair agents.
During the recovery period after the semi-permanent makeup is completed, the operation area will be crusted, and during the period of falling off, do not use your hands to lick and let it fall off, otherwise it will affect the coloring.
All in all, to do semi-permanent make-up, there are some minor traumas, it will scar, basically no effect, it is important to ensure local hygiene, and avoidance. Of course, the most important thing is to choose a qualified professional plastic surgery institution and a doctor, so whether you are swimming or sweating, the goddess of beauty is you.
Semi-permanent makeup notes:
1. Do not touch the water on the tattooed part for 3 days. Also pay attention to avoid it when washing your face.
2, after a semi-permanent make-up will have a special application of ointment, 3-4 hours to apply.
3, after a semi-permanent make-up will have a short swelling, not suitable, this is a normal situation, do not worry.
It’s very troublesome to get up every day and spend a lot of time on makeup. Is it awkward to wear makeup when swimming? South Korea's semi-permanent make-up technique does not fade even when swimming and steaming. Semi-permanent make-up uses pure natural plant pigments that can be absorbed by the body. The general effect can last for 1-3 years, and then you can change the pattern according to fashion trends. Eyebrows, lips and other styles avoid the irreversibility of domestic tattoos.

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