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Seven and two years old birthday, equipped with cool operation, we planned a series of celebration activities such as photography contest, video blessing and so on. We haven’t been using the program yet. Under the leadership of the siege lion, the new version of the equipment cool web is also on the line today!

The refreshing interface design Xiaobian will no longer boast too much, it is said that this new version pays more attention to the user experience, adding a lot of interactive features. That guy first went with Xiaobian to see what's new in the new version:

- Changed the rules for the application of public appraisal, added support numbers and rankings, and enhanced the fairness and transparency of appraisal applications.
- Added "Today's Watch", "Teacher's Recommendation", and "Line Guide" to the news section.
- “Topline” has added article push function. The first time is browsing hotspots - direct contact with partners. It's more convenient for Alice to make friends. - User posts page adds attention and private message function, and the interaction and communication are strengthened.
- Marked by the authors of the test report, focusing on originality - to enhance the stability of the function The new version of the cool web is updated, and the media and interactivity of the platform are more clearly defined. The classification of information is clear, the interaction of the square browsing is strengthened, and the public applicability is fair and transparent.

More users are welcome to bring cool interactive communication and assessment equipment to enrich your outdoor life.

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