What are the mobile phone battery repair methods?

What are the methods for repairing mobile phone batteries ? Our lives require a wide range of electronic products, and mobile phones are the most frequently used of these electronic products. Especially after the popularity of smart phones, not only smartphones with communication tools can provide more and more functions, so people are even more inseparable from mobile phones. Smartphones use electricity faster than previous phones, plus people’s High frequency of use consumes more power. Using a mobile phone or improper charging method can cause some problems with the battery. So what are the battery repairs after the problem occurs? The following small series will teach you some simple battery repair methods, I hope to help everyone.

1. Wrap the battery of the mobile phone with automatic shutdown with a plastic wrap to keep the battery under vacuum. Then use the newspaper to wrap the battery wrapped in plastic wrap. After the battery is completely sealed, we put it in the refrigerator, remember to put it in the frozen layer. After 48 hours of freezing, we can take out the battery, and after removing the outside, leave it for a while and then charge the battery. After using this mobile phone battery, we will find that its waiting time has been extended.

Second, the battery repair method In addition to the above freezing there are other methods. We can use an eraser or other cleaning tools to clean the metal contacts on the lithium battery and the corresponding metal contacts on the phone, because the surface of these metals will oxidize after a long time of use, which will affect the phone. The contact between the battery and the mobile phone affects the battery life, so after we clean these metal contacts, the battery life can be extended to some extent.

Third, the mobile phone battery that is about to be scrapped can still be used for a while? The answer is yes. We can completely discharge this battery first, and then recharge it to extend battery life. So how do you discharge it? First of all, we need to use a specific device, which can be used to link the mobile phone and the low-voltage light bulb, so that the battery power of the mobile phone can be transferred to the small light bulb, and we can charge it after the discharge is complete.

Although there is a mobile phone battery repair method, but this can only temporarily make a rescue for the battery. If you want to make the battery of the mobile phone use longer, you should use it when you use it normally. Do not work in an environment where the battery temperature is too high. Don't wait for the battery to be discharged after the phone is turned off automatically, and reduce the damage of the battery to use it longer.

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