Eleven most popular outdoor equipment recommended to help you travel easily

September is on schedule, the most exciting thing is not just the weather that is getting more and more autumn, the most important thing is that the eleventh holiday will come soon! The hearts of many friends have begun to move around! Presumably, the seven-day long vacation friends have arranged their own plans. This trip will have to prepare some outdoor equipment for themselves. Some professional "Lao" has opened a equipment list for backpackers and newcomers. There are several kinds of equipment necessary for outdoor travel, let Xiaobian introduce it to everyone.

1.Granite Gear Granite 60L outdoor professional mountaineering bag travel in order to facilitate travel, friends must choose a suitable mountaineering bag for themselves. You can load everything you need and it's easier to carry. The Fire Series uses the latest Air Current carrying system with a non-deformable 3D analog alloy backing for comfort and distortion. CORDURA material, airflow can flow from the air passage to keep the back cool. Rope lock technology, a durable mesh bag with durable ventilation on both sides of the backpack is ideal for placing water cups. The ventilated pocket on the back is ideal for loading wet tarpaulins or ultra-light tents. Xiaobian feels very simple and practical.

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2. GARMONT classic tenth anniversary walking shoes go out, inevitably wading through the mountains, having a pair of comfortable and dirty shoes are the most important! GARMONT classic tenth anniversary walking shoes, with a web buckle on the toe, for comfortable walking.

Other parts and shoelace locks are made of metal strong pull buckle, which is sturdy, wear-resistant and easy to adjust the tightness of the shoelace; the upper is made of 1.6mm water-repellent suede leather; the tongue is made of water-repellent nubuck leather; the density EVA midsole, shoes The GSA cushion is inserted into the outer heel to provide maximum comfort and shock absorption at the lightest weight. Fashionable high-top design style, never-degraded beige, will definitely make your journey more comfortable.

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3.marmot groundhog men's trousers outdoor travel can not avoid the wind and rain and long walks, so choose a suitable outdoor walking pants is the most important. Marmot's fabrics are polyurethane-coated and specially designed for unlined garments, with excellent wind and water resistance.

DryTouch incorporates a protein into the coating to reduce condensation and the cold, wet, sticky feel of most coatings, leaving it dry and comfortable. Three-dimensional knee cutting, YKK oblique zipper security anti-theft, trouser legs and windproof adjustment rope, easy to exercise more comfortable, mountain climbing camping is very suitable!

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4. If the Kailas stone fleece pants are walking in the northwest or southwest, the weather and climate are also a big problem. Some friends choose a location that is remote, and the altitude is much lower than that of the central region. But a pair of fleece pants can solve this problem! Kailas Keller stone KG232071/242071 fleece pants use flat seam technology to prevent rubbing the skin.

Professional fleece fabric, with warm, windproof, breathable, quick-drying and light, while giving easy access to easy care. Moreover, the steric cutting of the knee part makes it easier to resist the friction and friction during exercise; Xiao Bian feels very good that the calf is slim and will not make your outdoor trip more clumsy!

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5.VAUDE Ward catches the fleece if it is necessary to have a fleece pants, can you match a warm and lightweight fleece suit? VAUDE Ward catches the fleece to solve this problem for you. This fleece is made of three-dimensional cut, underarm breathable fabric, flat seam technology, and the authentic YKK zipper design also guarantees non-slip, even if you wear gloves, it can be easily opened. Windproof and warm, fluffy and comfortable, windproof high collar design, can be pulled up and can be put down, the most important thing is to have a variety of colors to choose from, colorful costumes will definitely bring you a better mood for travel!

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6. Robinson T3T trekking poles 11 days long holiday, compared to many friends are arranged a slightly longer travel, rod diameter 14mm, 50% carbon fiber material, lighter, more quite. Tungsten-cobalt alloy tip, South Korea imported environmentally friendly paint, the stick body has significant anti-scratch function, comfortable long cotton increases anti-slip coefficient and enhances perspiration speed; wristband also adopts widened and thickened fabric, perspiration and easy adjustment, edge treatment Fine sewing and more comfortable grip. Elegant and wearable, each place is subtle and quality, and the ultra-light texture gives you stronger support.

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7.JRGEAR tracheal bed outdoor travel, inevitably windy meals, the body is complete, and it is time to prepare for yourself. JRGEAR tracheal bed is definitely the best choice. The 14-year new tracheal bed is fully upgraded with materials and workmanship. It uses top-grade DPU film, which is more waterproof and anti-aging. It improves the sealing and nozzle technology and relieves the leakage. There are two kinds of red rounded corners and blue square corners. The rounded corners are more convenient to store. The square corners are opened to make the area bigger and more comfortable. It is not only durable and waterproof, but also stylish and beautiful, adding more comfort and pleasure to your journey. !

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8. SUUNTO 颂 Extension Top outdoor multi-function watch Xiaobian Many people think that traveling with friends is a very hard, dirty and tired chore, but it is not. Traveling with friends is also quite fashionable and cool. Just like the SUUNTO AMBIT series, it is an outdoor weapon that every skier, hiking, trail running and climbing player is eager to get.

It combines high-tech GPS global positioning capabilities, a unique three-dimensional compass and a highly sensitive height barometer that gives you the freedom to know where you are, the exact altitude and weather conditions. The patented GPS positioning feature keeps your data (speed, distance) at your fingertips under control. It is a very fashionable essential equipment!

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