Printing knowledge: Precautions for printing of battery film stickers

The dry battery film sticker label material is a material whose surface material can shrink and deform (where the radial deformation is greater than the axial deformation). Using the heat shrinkage feature, the printed label can be applied to the automatic labeling machine and heated at both ends. After shrinkage deformation, the naked dry battery is wrapped in the middle to form a complete dry battery product.

The following common methods of battery film sticker printing processing methods are: flexographic printing method. Commonly used methods for label printing in North America and Europe.

Generally use uv ink or alcohol ink. The film material should be corona treated before printing to increase the surface tension. The method of surface coating can also be used to improve the firmness of inking. Requires glazing after printing to protect graphics. It is not suitable to use water-based ink to prevent the problem of weak ink layer. Gravure printing method. Print on ordinary gravure printing machine (generally use wide format gravure printing machine), use solvent or uv ink. The printed self-adhesive labels are first divided into small rolls by the slitting machine, and then die-cut, discharged and re-rolled on the processing machine. Finally, it is cut into single rolls on a dedicated slitting machine, ready for labeling machine. Back printing method of gravure printing. Separate printing method. First, print the graphics and text on the back of the special transparent PVC film (inside printing method), then vacuum aluminize the graphics and text to cover the graphics and text.

The second step is to use printed and aluminized PVC film as the material according to the manufacturing process of the self-adhesive materials to manufacture battery-specific self-adhesive label materials. Finally, the large-volume battery film after the coating process is completed on the label processing machine and the slitting machine to complete the entire label processing process. Printing film method. Special craftsmanship. After printing on PVC film, a layer of PVC film is laminated on the surface.

Various printing methods are available. It is required that the shrinkage of the laminating material is the same as the shrinkage of the printing material, and the tension of the two is required to be the same when laminating. Most people use a dry method to ensure quality and reduce costs. Usually the thickness of PVC printing material is 0.035mm, and the thickness of film material is 0.015mm. UV relief printing method. A few days ago, it was widely adopted in China and Southeast Asia. a method. Due to the use of zero UV oil, the surface tension of the PVC material is required to remain above 38dyn / cm. The printed surface is finally glazed to protect the graphics.

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