Customized wardrobe five points must pay attention to the wardrobe design in advance planning

[ Chinese wardrobe network ] Wardrobe is always a part of the family, and now everyone's choice may be more to contact the manufacturer to customize the wardrobe, or directly buy a good-looking wardrobe, few people have done it themselves The wardrobe is up. But what do we need to pay attention to if we want to customize the wardrobe? How to plan the wardrobe design?

First, the wardrobe design is rationally planned

Wardrobe design considerations

1 In general, each storage space of the wardrobe is exquisite. The height of the hanging short coat or tops is not less than 800mm; the height of the long coat is not less than 1400mm; the height of the drawer is not less than 150mm~200mm; as for the cabinet with stacked clothes, the width of the folded clothes, The width of the cabinet is between 330mm and 400mm and the height is not less than 350mm. The top of the whole wardrobe is designed with the top cabinet, and the unused items such as quilts are placed, and the height is not less than 400mm.

2 Due to the different structure of each type of house, pillars and beams may appear on the wall of the installation cabinet. The limited space should be utilized as much as possible to maximize the use of the storage space of the cabinet without leaving a sanitary corner.

3 In addition, according to the rationalization design standard, the height of the cabinet is usually 2400mm or 2300mm, and the height of the standard commercial room is 2.8m, so the wardrobe will be divided into two layers, and the top layer will be placed on the upper layer, such as quilts. Below is the space for clothing that is often used.

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