Sedentary 4 strokes to get rid of big belly

Daduzi.jpg Core Tip: The sedentary family is accumulating belly fat due to prolonged sitting posture. Here are five tips to help the sedentary family get rid of the big belly.

First, abdomen massage


1. Try to take a deep breath while abdomen, and restore it after 10 shots.

2. Place your left hand on the back of your right hand and place it 10 times in a clockwise direction. A complete action is done for 1 group and 2-3 groups.

This small action can effectively tighten the abdomen and reduce the waist circumference. Pay attention to the abdomen to control the breathing to have an effect, otherwise the effect is very slight.

Second, abdominal breathing


1. Imagine your dantian (the position of the three fingers under the navel) with an imaginary "small airbag".

2. Inhale with your nose, send the air you sucked in all the way from the chest and abdomen, and send it to the "small airbag".

3. At this point, your lower abdomen will bulge slightly. Then, exhale deeply, and all the air in the "small airbag" is exhaled from the nose.

Abdominal breathing has three advantages: First, it helps the burning of fat. Because the diaphragm in our body can regulate lung capacity and increase lung capacity. The amount of gas in and out of the lungs increases, and the amount of oxygen inhaled increases. We all know that fat burning requires oxygen consumption, so abdominal breathing can help burn fat. The second is to help empty the body's toxic gases and tighten the muscles of the abdomen. Third, you can relax the lines of the chest, shoulders and neck, making your upper body line more beautiful!

Third, shrinking belly

Many women with large waist and fat are often caused by poor posture. When sitting, there is no head lifted and chest fat, fat is easily positioned near the lower abdomen and waist. Therefore, when we are busy, we can sit and do some action to make up for it.


1. Press the abdomen with both hands while the abdomen contracts inward.

2. While the abdomen is contracting inward, use both hands to press the abdomen so that the abdomen is as close to the back as the back, and then forcefully maintain the tight state.

Fourth, lift the legs to abdomen

This method is very suitable for people who are sitting in the office for a long time, and the practice is simple.


1. Sit on the chair, straighten your waist, put your hands on the sides of your thighs, and hold the edge of the chair.

2. Use your abdomen to lift your knees slowly toward your chest. Stop at the highest point, from one to five, and then slowly lower your knees.

This kind of action is done six times in a row, then rest for a while and then repeat a group, which has a very good effect on eliminating abdominal fat.

In addition, the usual habits can also lead to fat accumulation in the waist. Therefore, it is important to have a perfect waistline and to get rid of bad habits.


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