Cosmetic bag weight loss ten pieces of cosmetics enough

Many girls carry a small Cosmetic Bag with them when they go out, so they can make up their makeup at any time. In order to be able to maintain a beautiful makeup all the time, I believe that many girls will hate to bring all the cosmetics together. As a result, if the bag is accidentally overweight, it will bring a “burden”. Let's work with Xiaobian to make a weight loss slimming exercise for the cosmetic bag. Just ten pieces of cosmetics make it easy and beautiful!

Cosmetic bag weight loss, ten pieces of cosmetics are enough

Essential ten cosmetics

Eyelash curler

If you want to have curling eyelashes, you must first clip the eyelashes and then use mascara!

2. Eyeliner products

The eyeliner has the effect of magnifying the eyes, and it also makes the eyes more fascinating and more attractive. It is best to choose eyeliner and eyeliner, and the eyeliner is too easy to smudge it!

3. Mascara

If you want to have a feeling of discharge in your eyes, then the mascara that makes the eyelashes thick and curled in cosmetics is essential. You can choose a long, curled, or thick mascara product according to your preference.

4. Foundation products

Make-up is very important to improve your complexion and cover your face. Lazy or good-skinned sisters can choose BB or CC cream, and the skin is more likely to use the foundation.

5. Blush

Blush products can make your face look healthier and rosy.

6. Lipstick

The entire makeup wants to have the charm of catching the eye, and the bright, full lip color is of course a must.

7. Eyebrow pencil / eyebrow powder / eyebrow gel

Eyebrows are also important for the entire makeup, making your face more solid.

8. Eye shadow

The most important thing about makeup is the eye. If you are a newbie or basically paint everyday makeup, a set of earthy eyeshadow will suffice. The most practical and convenient to carry, of course, the color of 4 or 5 colors of the eyeshadow disk.

9. Concealer

There are acne, all kinds of scars, dark circles and other problems on the face, as long as there is concealer can be solved perfectly.

10. loose powder / pressed powder

Loose powder is used to set makeup and control oil, and powder can be used for makeup. If you are traveling, I will bring a powder cake directly. After makeup, use a brush to gently sweep a layer. The makeup effect is similar to that of loose powder. >>>Da Ren Demonstration Six Steps to Create European and American Fanmei Makeup

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