Evaluation: Dikai Furama 899 doors and windows have strong sealing and high safety

Introduction to Dikai doors and windows:

Shanghai Dikai Frameless Balcony Window Co., Ltd. is a joint venture. The company occupies an area of ​​40,000 square meters, with 300,000 square meters of broken bridge doors and windows, and 200,000 square meters of aluminum-wood doors and windows. The company introduces European production technology. It is a production company specializing in the installation of doors and windows, curtain walls, steel structures, sun rooms, research and development, design, production, sales and installation. Now the company's newly developed high-grade broken bridge insulation doors and windows and aluminum-wood doors and windows profiles will bring a new door and window packaging system to thousands of households.

With the professional design, production, installation, and adhering to the business philosophy of "pragmatic, pioneering, stable, and excellent", "Dikai" doors and windows take the creation of "first-class management, first-class talent, first-class technology, and first-class service" as its business goals. Committed to the development of China's door and window industry, to provide users with value-for-money doors and windows and make application contributions.

1. Product appearance

Product Style: Modern Chinese

Glass type: insulating glass

Frame material: aluminum alloy

Profile thickness: 1.4mm

Opening method: translation

Color: white, green, gray, brown, black, silver, imitation steel

Product link: http://mall.jia.com/item/2400/

Evaluation items: rail evaluation, accessory evaluation, process evaluation, glass evaluation, noise prevention evaluation, anti-seepage evaluation, glass load-bearing evaluation

Decay's balcony window was awarded the CCTV brand because of its special structural design and excellent quality assurance. The picture above is the detailed functional diagram of Decay's Furama 899 type balcony window. The windproof buckle design of the upward sliding window can effectively prevent the strong wind from attacking the sewer. The design of the drainage hole can effectively eliminate the accumulated water, and the design of the lower rail anti-collision block eases the strength of opening and closing the window, which is more user-friendly and extends the service life of the window.

Profile display

Decafura's 899 type balcony window has a beautiful exterior structure, wide rails from top to bottom, and a sliding water barrier to increase to 7.00mm. Good water tightness, multiple sealing structure design, good air tightness, side seals with sealing strips to increase sealing, windows have anti-theft, drainage, air blocking, positioning protection devices. Decafura's 899 balcony windows are also equipped with luxury crescent locks for easy closing. Decafura's Type 899 balcony windows are cost-effective and are the best choice for you to seal high-rise balconies.

2. Track evaluation

The upper rail is wide rail with windproof buckle on the top, windows have anti-theft, drainage, air blocking, positioning protection devices; the lower rail is high rail, and the bottom mounting is also equipped with windproof buckle, which plays the same anti-theft, drainage, air blocking, Positioning protection function. The thickness of the rail head of ordinary windows is 1mm, the profile is easy to deform, and the sliding is not smooth, while the wall thickness of Furama 899 is 1.4mm, which is not easy to deform and is easy to push and pull.

3. Evaluation of accessories

The inferior wheels are rough in appearance, poor in texture, poor in load bearing capacity, and difficult to move and rust when used for a long time; Dekai doors and windows use nylon materials, and the copper core is imported steel shaft, which moves smoothly and has a long service life.

The gap between the inferior pulley and the window frame is large, it is easy to store garbage, and it is easy to be damaged for a long time (see the left of the above picture); the inferior lock is difficult to open and has a poor texture (see the right of the above picture), and the glass is easily broken during use. The old brand Chunguang Crescent Lock has been opened 10,000 times and has a long service life and easy opening.

4. Process evaluation

The Furama 899 has windproof buckles on the top and bottom, plus tops to make it more sealed. Silica gel pressed glass, good sealing, not easy to deform and aging; anti-collision block is installed on the slide, so that the window lock can extend the service life.

5. Glass evaluation

Decai doors and windows Furama 899 has a strength that is several times higher than ordinary glass. The bending strength is 3 to 5 times that of ordinary glass, and the impact strength is 5 to 10 times that of ordinary glass. While increasing the strength, it also improves safety. It is a special toughened glass that uses a method of rapid cooling after heating to a certain temperature or a chemical method. Its strength is 4-6 times greater than that of untempered glass, and it has good impact resistance, bending resistance and resistance to sudden cooling and heat. When the glass breaks, it becomes a small particle state.

Six, anti-noise evaluation


In the picture, the tester makes a call in the sealed balcony window, which does not affect the quality of the call. This is because the hollow glass of Dikai Furama 899 balcony window is 5mm + 12a + 5mm hollow, which is double that of ordinary profiles, thermal insulation and sound insulation. The ability to resist noise is greatly improved.

7. Anti-seepage water evaluation


After the storm water splash test, the tester found that there was no water leakage in the glass doors and windows, and the other side of the insulating glass of the Dikai Furama 899 balcony window could not touch any water stains. This is because the water tightness and rain penetration of the glass doors and windows were greater than 350pa -400pa.

Eight, glass load-bearing evaluation


The tester stood on the hollow glass of the 899 balcony window of Decafura, and jumped up and down. During the whole process, the glass did not shatter. This is because the strength of the insulating glass of Decafura 899 type balcony window is several times higher than that of ordinary glass, the bearing capacity of bending resistance is increased, and the fragile property is improved. Even if the tempered glass is broken, there are small fragments without acute angles, which greatly reduce the harm to the human body. Tempered glass's resistance to rapid cooling and heating is 3 to 5 times higher than that of ordinary glass. It can generally withstand a temperature difference of more than 250 degrees, and has a significant effect on preventing thermal cracking.

Evaluation summary:

The most prominent highlight of Decafura's 899 balcony windows is the wide rails designed up and down, which greatly enhances its tightness. The glass is a hollow thickened glass with good sound insulation and heat insulation properties. It is also carefully selected on the accessories of the balcony doors and windows. The pulley uses double wheels, which is more convenient to push and pull, and the buckle lock is also an advanced spring crescent lock that effectively protects the glass. The glass is made of tempered glass, which has high strength and is granular even if it is broken, which greatly reduces the risk factor. In the family specialty, choosing Dikai Furama 899 balcony window is to choose a high comprehensive cost performance and high security!

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