Japan's most popular plastic bag to lose weight, easy to lose fat


Step 1 Warm-up exercise

First, use the index finger of the right hand and the middle finger to hold the plastic bag. The elbow is bent to the right, the arm is raised, the left arm is straight to the left, and the left leg is straight, the right knee is raised, and the calf is slightly raised. Tighten, do 10 times each side, so that the muscles around the joints move up and break down the thick fat.


Step 2 Basic exercise

1. Open the plastic bag naturally and fill it with air, then kick it 50 times with one foot. Even if it is halfway down, it doesn't matter, you can complete it 50 times, then change the other foot. When exercising, relax, keep your breathing smooth, and naturally make a sound better!

279.2.jpg     2 , after completing 50 feet on one foot, the feet alternately kick the plastic bag, try to maintain the rhythm and a certain height, stimulate the serotonin neurons, not only fun but also eliminate the pressure.


Step 3 skill movement

1. First, throw the plastic bag into the air. As it falls, lift the leg up and kick the plastic bag up. Touch it with your toes. The higher the kick, the better.


  2 , the knees are bent, the calf is kicked in front of the body, and the plastic bag is touched by the inner side of the foot or around the sole of the foot. The muscles around the femoral joint and the inner side of the thigh can be stimulated, and the left and right feet are alternately kicked.


  3 , the calf kicks back to the back, driving the deep muscles of the outer muscles of the thighs and buttocks, but also hips! It is difficult to alternately kick the left and right sides. You may wish to use one foot to exercise first.


  4 , use the top of the knee and the upper side of the thigh to alternately kick the plastic bag, not only exercise the balance force and the direction of the kick, but also stimulate the upper leg muscles and large psoas.


  5 , kick the legs up high, use the toes to push up the plastic bag, so that it is better than the face, so that the joints can be restored to flexibility, stimulate the big psoas muscle, improve metabolism.

Point : Heart Rate Exercise

Use the formula to measure heart rate before the basic kick of 50 : (220 - your age ) × 0.6 or (220 - your age ) × 0.7 .

30-year-old people to lose weight, her measure heart rate in between 114-133, after 50 kicked up the amount of movement of 15 seconds pulse rate, multiplied by the number 4, compared with the 114-133 range, higher than 133 will have to reduce Up to 50 times, below 114 , increase to 50 times or more.


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