The flooring industry is caught in a price "trap"

At this stage, with the development of the flooring market gradually mature, but the problems of the flooring industry are still very significant, such as the homogenization of flooring products, the constant price competition, the poor channels and other issues. Although the brand competition in the flooring market is still intensifying, but for the floor enterprises with cultural background and bright spots, it is not difficult to go to the high end of the market, but the situation is not optimistic.

Floor price cost increases, profit margins shrink

According to Jiuzheng Building Materials Network, the floor enterprises are swarming up, the homogenization of products, the lack of differentiation, the constant emergence of new enterprises to participate in the war, the constant price cuts, often at the expense of quality. This is the lack of differentiation that leads to the market's current disorderly competition.

Nowadays, many flooring brands have emerged, making the competition in the flooring materials market extremely fierce. The floor is a resource product. With the strengthening of international supervision and inspection, the shortage of raw materials will not be improved in the short term. The prices of flooring raw materials have risen last year. The profit margin is squeezed, and the market economy is superior to the price, just the space of reasonable profits.

Floor companies need to strengthen the standardization of marketing services

In order to improve the brand and enhance the comprehensive competitiveness of Ming, various flooring brands have exerted various forms and various marketing methods and planning methods, that is, in order to attract more consumers, for example, the more human culture of the store decoration, the marketing brand shopping guide is more professional. The concept of environmental protection is more in-depth, marketing activities are more modern and informatized, and modern technology and the top of the hand are used to personalize the high-demand, high-quality, high-consumption customer base.

A full range of rest services, constantly drawing on the marketing services skills of well-known foreign flooring brands, product planning and other aspects of the extraordinary, and improve their marketing services. Whether it is corporate brand building or product and market innovation or in export trade, honesty. Seriously doing things and being accountable to customers will definitely create a broader domestic and international market.

The floor has changed from the traditional, single and practical image to the decorative and environmentally friendly development. After nearly ten years of development, the author believes that the flooring industry is becoming more mature, and well-known regional brands have emerged, but the terminal and channel The competition has also begun to fierce. Many large brands have a strong marketing position, can market the country, go to the world, and some locate the sales network construction in a certain area. Each floor brand strives to find its own marketing terminal specialization and positioning, which is beneficial to the development of its own brand.

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