What is a biological purification operation station?

The biological purification operation platform is a purification device capable of controlling high-purity gas in the operation area through intelligent setting. The main principle of the biological purification operation table is to use a one-way gas flow, and the indoor gas enters the net pressure box through the pre-filter, and then After the high efficiency filter, a highly clean unidirectional gas flow is finally formed in the operating zone.

Biological purification operation platform application range: It is one of the essential infrastructures for biotechnology research and experiment. The biological purification operation platform is widely used in bio-pharmaceutical, biochemical environmental monitoring and electronic instrumentation industries for gas purification in operation areas.

Liquids and beverages are notoriously tricky to package. These products require packaging that can be successfully filled, stored, transported, displayed, purchased, used, and disposed of, all while retaining the product`s quality.


Spouted Stand Up Pouches for liquid meet all of these criteria. Spouted pouches` unique design allows for flexible filling, either directly through the spout or through a void in the film that is later sealed. These flexible pouches contain liquid products safely, and stand up easily on store shelves for more effective, efficient display. Best of all, when done properly, spouted stand up pouches are one of the lowest cost options for liquid and beverage packaging. Compare spouted pouches to glass and rigid plastic – when it comes to quality and price, there`s no contest.


Spouted stand up pouches are the best liquid packaging option for both you and your customer. In addition to being efficient and cost effective, they are easier to use and reduce hassle and waste. Traditional liquid and beverage packaging, especially for messy products like grease, can be both frustrating and wasteful. By providing a better packaging alternative, you`re proving that your business is thoughtful, innovative, and focused on the customer experience.


Each kind of liquid and beverage brings unique packaging requirements. At SomiPack, we have over 30 years of experience packaging liquids including fruit juice, water, baby food, oil, salad dressing, and even alcohol and wine. Our pouches can be filled hot or cold, and can be refrigerated, frozen, or kept at room temperature. Each pouch is designed based on the product`s specific needs: how it will be filled, shipped, stored, and ultimately sold on a retail store shelf. We work with our customers to provide the best packaging for your particular products.


Here is a list of all the beverages we have experience packing. Many of these work best using a pouch with spout for pouring.


l Fruit Juice Liquid Packing

l Vegetable Juice Beverage Packaging

l Alcohol, Mixes, and Wine Spout Pouch

l General Beverage Packaging for Mixes

Our Liquid Packing

Sauces, Syrup, and Honey Liquid Packaging

Soap and Detergents Liquid Packaging

Lawn and Garden Liquid Packing

Oils, Solvents, and Grease Liquid Packaging


These lists are simply examples of the liquids we've packaged before. In addition to these categories, we happily fulfill custom orders. No matter what kind of liquid or beverage you need to package, we can help

Liquid Pouches

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