O2O omnichannel platform creates a new mobile printing model

On May 9, 2014, Lenovo released a new upgraded version of the comprehensive application platform for printing workshops. Anyone who is concerned about wireless printing knows that this is definitely not such a simple thing as releasing a printing software. Through in-depth understanding of the printing workshop, you will find that this former "Le Printing" software has been upgraded from the original simple support of mobile printing applications for Android phones to mobile printing as the core, integrating users, channels, products, and services into one. O2O omnichannel platform.

Create a new model of mobile printing
Under the trend of the Internet, new technologies and new business models have entered a fusion period of accelerated upgrading. The integration of the Internet and traditional industries has stimulated the technological revolution in the printing industry. Mobile smart devices have far exceeded the concept of hardware and are becoming people. Mobile printing is an indispensable part of life, but the technical difficulties in the industry have caused mobile printing to be more of a new type of printing product application that can only be used in the WIFI state, and only supports its own brand printing equipment ... users I am eager for an application to solve all my printing problems.
Printing equipment, as a durable office product, has a long product life cycle, so the old user market should not be underestimated. How to realize the printing of new and old models regardless of brand is the issue that needs to be solved in the new situation and mobile printing. The key to the technological revolution. The "printing workshop" launched by Lenovo this time to solve these problems, it can provide users with a comprehensive mobile printing solution: support multi-brand, new and old printers, multi-mode printing.
For old, new and different brands of printers and usage scenarios, Lenovo has launched three unique solutions for cool braid, crooked dog and WIFI direct connection. Cool braid enables users to follow, plug and print. The crooked dog can enable users to operate from a long distance to achieve mobile printing. WIFI direct connection printing supports the WIFI function of the printing device, without any accessories to achieve wireless direct connection between the mobile phone and the WIFI printer. With the cooperation of the printing workshop and Lenovo's diversified printing solutions, printing in the era of mobile internet has completely de-PCed. This is not only an important technological innovation, but also an epoch-making breakthrough in the industry.
Connect with handheld apps and offline channels
Lenovo took advantage of the trend to build a platform inside the printing workshop, integrate all functions of users, channels, products and services, and establish an O2O closed-loop omnichannel. This platform takes mobile printing as the core, establishes a mobile internet data center and marketing promotion center, realizes the transformation of O2O business model from online browsing to offline experience printing, helps traditional channels realize low-cost e-commerce, and drives the development of channels And provide customers with a complete offline experience service.
With the deepening of the Internet revolution, there will be more and more industrial cooperation that seems impossible, and the "cross-border" ability, that is, cross-domain and cross-industry cooperation will become the most important survivability, of course, this is also more powerful Of physical strength and skill. At this press conference, Lenovo announced that it will achieve cross-border cooperation with COSTA and good neighbors. This is definitely a business model innovation and breakthrough, which will have far-reaching significance for the mobile printing industry. Not only will bring users a new mobile Internet printing experience, but also will inject fresh blood into Lenovo channels. "Printing workshop is a platform product combining LBS and O2O." Mu Zhen, general manager of the printing business of Lenovo Business Division, gave his opinion, "The biggest beneficiary of such a product with Internet innovation spirit and COSTA cross-border cooperation is the user. Lenovo has been committed to providing users with the best Mobile printing experience. "
The release of the printing workshop is not only a breakthrough in mobile internet printing, but also a breakthrough in a new business model. Lenovo will use the traditional office functions of the printing workshop as its core to create a new platform for cross-border, integration and innovation to create new mobile business opportunities. At the same time, through the printing workshop, Lenovo's printing channels have also undergone tremendous changes, from single sales The system becomes a channel integrating experience, sales, printing applications, and services. In the transformation of the Internet and traditional industries, Lenovo will seize the opportunity to build an O2O strategy, integrate offline + e-commerce + mobile, deepen the realization of mobile Internet printing, and lead the industry.

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