Follow the "Korean" fashion footsteps Korean wardrobe decoration four big 诀窍

[ Chinese wardrobe net ] Korean style furniture is mainly based on exquisiteness, creativity and fashion. It is a strong "Korean stream" caused by the domestic market. It is not a domestic cult, but it conforms to the aesthetic concept of modern people. Korean wardrobes are also popular among people. We need to pay attention to the four flaws when decorating Korean wardrobes.

First, light design and heavy decoration principle

Korean pastoral wardrobe

The wardrobe industry has developed to the present day, and has been freed from the original complex decoration pursuit. Instead, it pays more attention to how to create the ideal effect from the decorative aspect in multiple dimensions. Light design and heavy decoration have become the mainstream principle. The Korean pastoral style is also in this way.

Second, elegant and fresh basic tone

Wardrobe decoration

Korean style rustic wardrobes generally use light and fresh colors as the base color. In the choice of cabinet color, beige, beige and other colors are generally used.

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