Evaluation: The boss smoke machine package 8210 + 9G65 creates high-quality cross-border suction

With the improvement of people's living standards, the requirements for details of life are getting higher and higher. Everyone is usually busy with work, but when they come home, they always hope to relax and enjoy life with free time. Making food is also something most people are passionate about, but how the experience of making food also greatly affects the mood of housewives. Take the range hood and gas stove as an example. Without a good range hood and gas stove, the good mood for making food for the family will be greatly reduced. Therefore, having an easy-to-use and worry-free range hood and gas stove has become an urgent matter. Today, the editor will give you a brief introduction to the boss hood package 8210 + 9G65. Its powerful functions and intimate design may solve all your problems about fume. What is the matter, let's take a look.

Evaluation site This website evaluates the brand boss electrical evaluation product range hood 8210+ gas stove 9G65 evaluation project suction test, demolition test

1. The first impression of the product

Boss Electric CXW-200-8210 range hood looks simple but not simple. It is a compound flat structure. One of the advantages of the compound type is that the smoke collection chamber is deepened, and its smoke collection effect is better. The whole body Baosteel 304 material makes the life of the hood longer and longer. Yellow-green music digital electronic switch, the function key has double-speed strong and weak wind keys, and the delay key has a delay function of 1 ~ 9 minutes, which is convenient to operate. The center-mounted lighting makes the lights more concentrated and makes your vision more spacious.

28300 cubic millimeters of deep inner cavity, one-time stamping forming, truly seamless, no welding, achieve 100% range hood cleaning rate. The bottom hood can be removed simply by unscrewing the screws, which is convenient for cleaning.

The brand new 120 ° oil screen quick release, special humanized easy card technology, the oil net removal can be easily done with a screwdriver in 3 seconds. Boss 8210 range hood design 1.25 * 1.25㎜ diamond filter screen according to the characteristics of the oil smoke

PC material brown oil guide cup, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, hemispherical design, clean up without dead angles, three bionic fingerprint printing design, so you no longer worry about hand slip, worry-free disassembly.

2. Details and function evaluation

The density board is very heavy, and the holes are so large and so many. In the case of extremely air circulation, the 8218 easily sucks up the density board, which shows that the suction power is strong.

Double-strength core 3.0 and 360 ° spiral suction, etc., users only need to simply press a fast-speed frying button, which will greatly increase the suction power in the first three minutes, and completely exhaust the fume in the first time, so that the kitchen after frying Can be clean and refreshing. The 33-degree wide oil guide, the most suitable angle, allows the filtered heavy oil to slide properly into the oil guide cup, allowing you to say goodbye to the history of oil dripping.

Turn on the ventilator, and the business card is firmly held. Turn off the hood, and the business card slides into the oil cup along the oil guide. It can be seen that the suction power of this range hood is very powerful.

Environmentally friendly, easy-to-clean, non-stick oil coating treatment, better water-proof, oil-repellent and anti-fouling effect than ordinary coatings, no oil collection in the inner cavity Afterwards, it can be wiped off quickly with a tissue.

Gas stove evaluation:

Boss 9G65 gas stove adopts high pressure oil film brushed stainless steel plate, simple shape, simple and bright, one-time stamping forming, solid and durable.

The combustion balance system and the main fire center system make the combustion balanced and delicious. Unique 0 second ignition device design, quick start delay ignition, ignition is 100% successful, easy and fast to use.

The boss's main fire center-mounted gas stove uses dual-channel technology, and a special aeration tank is added to improve the maintenance efficiency. The gas is burned more fully, which greatly reduces CO emissions and makes your kitchen fresh like a natural board.

On the basis of the original three-ring double spray system, the main fire was changed from the outer ring to the middle ring, so that the firepower was concentrated in the key position of cooking, the combustion was more in place, the heat no longer overflowed, the thermal efficiency was greatly improved, the delicious heat was balanced, and the cooking was easy.

The furnace head is made of copper alloy, which has the advantages of high melting point, not easy to deform, not easy to rust, and long service life.

The boss's main fire is a gas stove that is unremittingly pursuing perfect quality. Every detail uses advanced technology and uses discontinuous materials. The fire part is more carefully crafted with copper alloy materials. A strong sense of quality comes out to create your delicious food. life.

The knob adopts special zinc alloy casting process, which is corrosion-resistant and easy to operate.

Heating 5L of water under the same conditions, the traditional gas stove needs more than 15 minutes, the combustion time is too long, and the CO emissions exceed the standard; 9G65 stove only takes about 10 minutes, the water burning time is greatly shortened, not only saves gas (one year can save LPG About 24KG) and CO emissions are greatly reduced.

Evaluation summary: The boss electric appliance CXW-200-8210 range hood is a double-plate structure, one of the advantages of the double-layer is that the smoke collection chamber is deepened, and its effect of collecting smoke is better. The whole body Baosteel 304 material makes the service life of the hood longer and longer. The gas stove makes the firepower concentrated in the key position of cooking, the combustion is more in place, the heat no longer overflows, the thermal efficiency is greatly improved, the delicious heat is balanced, and the cooking is easy.

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