Use the mixer to maintain maintenance knowledge

Shanghai Bilang mixer uses maintenance instructions.

Shanghai Bilang magnetic heating stirrer, digital thermostat magnetic stirrer, electric stirrer, a variety of functions, magnetic heating (or constant temperature magnetic heating) mixing, electric stirring can be carried out in the same machine, can be in a wide range of speed Precise and stable mixing of liquid solution, easy operation, stable operation, stepless speed regulation, accurate temperature control, digital display, especially suitable for the same machine mixing operation of small volume liquid solutions of different viscosity, is petroleum, chemical, metallurgy , textiles, food, medical and health, environmental protection, biochemical laboratories, analysis rooms, educational and scientific research essential tools.

Mixer maintenance:

1. Turn on the external power supply, close the power switch, and the indicator light is on.

2. Magnetic stirring:

1 Place the test bottle (or other utensil) containing the solution and stirrer on the top plate of the work surface.

2 Open the magnetic stirring switch and the corresponding indicator light is on.

3Adjust the “Magnetic” speed control knob and raise it to the required speed. The corresponding indicator light is on.

3. Electric stirring:

1 Determine the clamping or placement of the liquid test bottle (or other utensils).

2Adjust and calibrate the position and height of the motor and fixture on the column.

3 clips.

4 Turn on the electric stirring switch, and the corresponding indicator light is on.

5 Adjust the “electric” speed control knob to the required speed and the corresponding indicator light.

4. Heating constant temperature:

1 Turn the temperature “set-temperature measurement” selector switch to “Settings”, adjust the temperature control knob, and display the desired set temperature digitally.

2 Turn the temperature “set-temperature measurement” selector switch to “temperature measurement” and the digital display shows the actual temperature in the solution. (The red indicator light is on, indicating that the heater is working)

5. After the work is completed, the speed control knob is placed in the minimum position, the temperature control knob is placed in the non-working state, the stirring switch and the power switch are turned off, and the power is turned off.

6. Wipe the column, work surface, fixture, and sensor clean, and do not allow any water droplets and dirt to remain on it.

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