How to operate ultrasonic extraction

Shanghai Bilang ultrasonic extraction how to operate specifically.

Ultrasonic extraction of organochlorine pesticides in soil was carried out in our laboratory before: the flask was filled with 20g soil sample and an appropriate amount of anhydrous sodium sulfate, and extracted with 30mL × 3 n-hexane and acetone mixed solvent (volume ratio of 1) for 15min. ×3, the filtrate was combined after each filtration, purified and concentrated. The power of the ultrasonic wave is controlled at 50% of the maximum power, and the temperature is controlled below 40 degrees. The triangular bottle needs to be fixed by an iron stand. Depending on the amount of your sample, you can use the plug tube to extract it on the test tube rack. If the temperature cannot be determined, it can be extracted step by step, and the extraction is shorter each time.

I am now doing pesticide detection in the soil. I want to use ultrasonic extraction for pre-treatment, but I don't know how to do it. Is it a centrifuge tube or a triangular bottle?

Use a plastic centrifuge tube.

If using a centrifuge tube, do you use a centrifuge tube holder?

We used an empty anhydrous sodium sulfate bottle to go to the bottom, leaving only the middle four sides, and the four centrifuge tubes were squeezed together.

What are the requirements for the water level of the ultrasonic wave and the height of the sample to be treated in the container?

The ultrasonic water level should not have been treated to the height of the sample, preferably with a high level of solvent.

The ultrasonic cleaner I bought does not have temperature control. Do I have to use a thermometer to control the water temperature during the ultrasonic process?

Then you have to use a thermometer to look at the temperature (to hang in the water), above 40 degrees to add an ice bag to cool down.

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