Personality Nordic apartment wardrobe design storage hidden in the wall

[ Chinese wardrobe net ] Nordic style home space, the color is mainly based on light color: white, beige, light wood, etc., furniture and other materials such as wardrobe , such as wood, rattan, etc., the materials and colors used Compatible, and the weight is right, let's take a look at how this Nordic-style apartment uses color matching and storage.

Cloakroom design

Design focus: stair wall storage

Edit Comment: The stair wall of the entrance is made into a three-story storage area, which fully utilizes the space and enhances the aesthetic of the entrance. The shape of the outer frame of the upper storage area matches the shape of the stairs, and the wall surface has a layered and dynamic moment.

Bedroom match

Design focus: porch turned into a small library

Edit Comment: The blank background wall is used as an arched bookcase for book storage. The porch turns into a small library, and the thick book scroll makes the texture and style of the porch instantly improve. The two full-length mirrors are placed obliquely in the rectangular area under the arched bookshelf, which fills the blank and facilitates the finishing of the dress when the owner goes out.

Wardrobe storage

Design focus: stair partition living room and kitchen

Edit Comment: The glass texture of the stairs cut off the living room and kitchen space, the wall of the decorative painting makes the space warm and full of charm.

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