The two sessions will implement the hurricane and reduce office expenses.

The convening of the two sessions greatly carried out the hurricane, from the implementation of the "real name system" bottled mineral water to the pencil made of waste newspapers, and the copy of the text submitted by the members was also changed from the original paper printing to electronic submission, such a method does not know to reduce waste. How much paper. Just by controlling the printing of conference paper documents, 2 million people were saved for fiscal expenditure. Saving the expenses of office stationery, the implementation of the national people's response. It can be described as a deep heart.

In fact, in order to solve the waste of office supplies, we must seize the fundamental problem from all sources to solve the waste of office documents. It is necessary to strictly control various types of training and inspection activities, and further reduce the expenditure on general office supplies such as conferences. During the conference, the collaborative office system can be fully utilized to transmit electronic official documents, thereby reducing the number of documents, especially the number of paper documents. Second, the order and number of orders must be strictly controlled for the newspapers and magazines ordered. This will reduce the waste of paper to a certain extent. It is also necessary to further strengthen the management of consumable office stationery and reduce the purchase and use of disposable office supplies. For the configuration of office equipment, it should be strictly in accordance with the provisions of the regulations, and can not use the opportunity to meet the purchase of high-end office stationery and office equipment. Through cost accounting, clear responsibility and strengthen printing paper management. Reduce communication costs by cleaning up landlines. By deepening the creation of demonstration units in the conservation-oriented public institutions, optimizing and improving system scheduling, and greatly saving water and electricity and other expenses. If strictly implemented in accordance with the above standards, it is in the office supplies, office equipment will greatly save the financial expenditure on the office.

In response to the hurricane of the two conferences on office supplies, the provincial government office also made clear regulations on the procurement of office equipment, and issued the “Provisional Measures and Measures for the Provincial Government Office in 2014”, which clearly defined the provincial government office. Saving targets: Ensure that the administrative requirements are reduced by 5% of the unified requirements, and strive to achieve 8% of the work objectives. In order to complete the implementation of the goal of saving, the provincial government office also proposed four major measures at the same time, and strive to reduce administrative expenses. "Mainly, the mission of going abroad (the territory) as a welfare treatment, the relatives of the leading cadres and the staff around them shall not be allowed to be used for the official vehicles of the leading cadres for private use, and the official activities without official letters shall not be accepted, and it is strictly forbidden to purchase high-end Office supplies and office equipment.

The hurricane has been popular throughout the country. All units have introduced many new policies on how to save office and administrative expenses. They have been approved and recognized by the people. It has indeed reduced the waste of office facilities and office stationery, which will save the country. A large part of the fiscal expenditure can be used to help more people in need. For our ordinary people, saving from their own side, saving every piece of paper, saving every office stationery.

The definition of electric strapper: electric strapper is to be packaged with electric tension, friction buckle, automatic banding with a strapping a strapping machinery.
It mainly consists of five parts: 1, the motor part; 2, the electric part of the tightening; 3, the deduction to do part of the friction; 4, the body;
Electric strapper works: the plastic band or plastic packing belt, wrapped around the object from the top after a lap, the packing with the joints into the machine working tank, driven by the motor tightening wheel, the packing belt tight , By friction as a way to buckle with adhesive, and finally automatically cut.
Electric strapper features: high flexibility, fast, safe, easy and environmentally friendly.

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