What are the components of the temperature control of the constant temperature (water and oil) tank?

You can find high-quality thermostatic baths, thermostatic water baths, and thermostatic oil bath products through convenient online channels. Did you know that Shanghai Bilang Instruments is a professional manufacturer of thermostatic baths, and BILON brand SC series thermostatic water baths are for scientific research, biology, physics, The low-temperature experimental instruments developed by the pharmaceutical and chemical departments with high requirements on constant temperature accuracy have the characteristics of making the temperature in the tank uniform and intelligent temperature control more accurate. They can also be used as calibration purposes in the manufacture of ordinary thermometers and other temperature measuring instruments .

Do you know the difference between a constant temperature bath and an ordinary constant temperature water bath?

The temperature control of Biro's thermostat (including high temperature oil tank, low temperature thermostat, high and low temperature thermostat circulator, etc.) consists of the following parts:

A, heating part: heating the constant temperature bath with an electric heating tube

B. Temperature measurement part: In general, industrial platinum thermal resistance is used as the temperature measurement element, and the measured temperature value is converted into a corresponding resistance signal to the matching display adjustment instrument to display the temperature in the constant temperature bath

C. Adjustment control part: The temperature display adjustment instrument performs PID (proportional, integral, derivative) adjustment according to the difference between the measured temperature in the constant temperature bath and the set temperature to control the conduction angle of the thyristor to control the heating of the electric heating tube The power and heating power change with the temperature difference. When the set temperature is reached, the regulator balances the heat generated by the heating tube and the lost heat through the thyristor, so as to achieve the purpose of constant temperature.

The regulating and controlling part of the ordinary constant temperature water bath is generally the relay heating. The principle is that when the temperature in the constant temperature water bath is lower than the set temperature, the output signal of the temperature display adjustment instrument controls the relay to turn on to heat the heating tube, and when the temperature is higher than the set temperature, the control indicator of the temperature display adjustment instrument is turned off to stop the heating tube And achieve the purpose of constant temperature. However, due to the thermal inertia of the heating tube in this control method, the temperature in the constant temperature bath fluctuates greatly above and below the set temperature, and the constant temperature effect control and precision control are not as good as above. Enjoy high-quality pre-sales, sales, and after-sales services, to achieve value for money.

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