Simultaneous determination of ammonium salt, tetraethylammonium and methyltriethylammonium by ion chromatography-non-suppressed conductivity method

An ion chromatography non-suppressed conductivity method was established to separate the determination of ammonium root and two quaternary ammonium salts, tetraethylammonium and methyltriethylammonium, as in B and l. The separation effects of three ammoniums on hydrophilic and hydrophobic cation exchange chromatography columns were tested respectively. The separation of ions under different eluents and flow rates was studied. The results showed that sH Ca1i was used. n101 type hydrophobic cationic chromatographic column, the eluent uses methanesulfonic acid (5 '0mmo1 / I'), which is added with acetonitrile (7%), at a flow rate of 0,8mI '/ min, three ammonium substances The separation is good, and the resolution of the two quaternary ammonium salts, tetraethylammonium and methyltriethylammonium, which are very similar in structure, is more than 1,5, and the separation time is short. The three substances are completely separated in 13 minutes. The non-suppressed conductivity method of domestic ion chromatography is used for detection, without the use of suppressor, the cost is low, and the operation is simple and feasible. The sensitivity of the test results is high, the linear range of ammonium root is 0, o ~ 50mg / L, tetraethylammonium and methyltriethylammonium are 5 ~ 500mg / I ', the correlation coefficients are all higher than 0999, and the relative standard deviations are all in Within 3%, the average recovery rate was 98.5% ~ 101.2%.

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