Wuhan University has made important progress in the research of high-performance nanotransistors

Recently, Professor Liao Lei's research group of the School of Physical Science and Technology of Wuhan University and other research groups inside and outside the school have made a series of progress in the development of high-performance transistors based on nanomaterials. This paper has received extensive attention from domestic and foreign colleagues.

According to reports, the transistor is a semiconductor device with fast response and high accuracy. It is one of the basic building blocks of modern electronic circuits and is widely used in electronic circuits with various digital and analog functions. The semiconductor channel layer is critical to the performance and specific functions of the transistor. Among them, amorphous oxide-based semiconductor materials have received more attention from researchers due to their potential application value. The researchers mainly set out to further improve their carrier mobility to improve the response speed of the device and achieve its Application in the field of high-frequency devices.

In 2011, the team of Liao Lei greatly improved its mobility by incorporating an appropriate amount of single-walled carbon nanotubes in amorphous oxide. In the recent work, the research group used the high transparency of amorphous oxide to produce a transparent optical sensor that responds to the three primary colors of red, green, and blue, and realized high-resolution detection of the light spot stripes. The famous journal Advanced Materials.

In addition, the research group has also made progress in the research of one-dimensional oxide nanotransistors. They rationally modulate the indium oxide nanowires to achieve the transition from depletion mode to enhanced mode, which effectively reduces the power consumption of the device. In addition, selective detection of reducing gas is also achieved, and a "key" chemical sensor for a single reducing gas is obtained.

Due to the series of contributions made by the research group in the research of oxide-based nanomaterial transistors, the internationally renowned nano-review magazine Nano Today invited Liao Lei to write a review paper. In addition, as a guest editor, he organized a special issue of flexible electronics in the Journal of Materials Chemistry. The progress of these series of research work has laid a technical foundation for the further preparation of large-area high-performance thin-film field-effect transistors and corresponding radio-frequency devices and their practical application.

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