Six principles of safe operation of constant temperature water tank and oil tank

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1. Add liquid medium into the tank, and the liquid level of the liquid medium cannot be lower than 30mm of the worktable.

2. Selection of liquid medium: A: When the working temperature is lower than 5 ℃, the liquid medium generally uses alcohol. B: When the working temperature is 5 ~ 80 ℃, the liquid medium is generally pure water. C: When the working temperature is 80 ~ 90 ℃, the liquid medium is generally 15% glycerin aqueous solution. D: When the working temperature is 90 ~ 100 ℃, the liquid medium generally uses oil.

3. Connection of circulation pump A: connection of internal circulation pump, a hose can be provided by connecting the outlet pipe and the inlet pipe with a hose. B: The external circulation pump is used for external circulation connection. Connect the outlet pipe with a hose to the inlet of the outer tank container, and connect the inlet pipe to the outlet of the outer tank container. Note: The pipe on the left side of the instrument is the inlet pipe, and the pipe on the back is Outlet tube.

4. Plug in the power, turn on the "power" switch, turn on the "cycle" switch.

5. The operation of the instrument is as follows: A: shift, ▲ add, ▼ decrease, 〖SET〗 to set function keys. B: Temperature setting: Press the setting function key to enter the temperature setting state, the last digit of the setting value flashes, at this time, first press shift and then press plus or minus to set the working temperature you need, then press the set function key And save the set value. At this time, the measurement shows the current temperature of the liquid medium in the tank, and then the microcomputer enters the automatic control state; the set working temperature should be 8 ℃ higher than the indoor temperature. C: If the working temperature is lower than the ambient temperature, turn on the "cooling" switch to cool to the desired temperature. D: Explanation of other parameters ① SC means measurement correction, T: means time proportional period, P: means time proportional band, I: means integral system, d: means differential system. ②After pressing the setting function key for 5 seconds, it will automatically enter the state of other parameter settings. At this time, the measurement window displays "SC" and press the addition or subtraction to set the required parameters. Press the set function key again, the measured value window displays "T", press the add or subtract to set the required parameters, and so on until all the parameters are completely modified, and then press the set function key for 5 seconds to restore the normal control state And save each setting value. Note: ①At the end of setting the required working temperature and other parameters, and press the setting function key to save the setting value within 15 seconds, if the setting value exceeds 15 seconds, the original setting value will be automatically restored. ②Under normal circumstances, please do not modify each parameter by yourself, except the measured value correction can be modified.

6. When the measured value reaches the working temperature, the temperature difference between the measured value and the actual tank is corrected by referring to the thermometer required by the experiment inserted into the tank. Precautions for use â‘  The liquid medium should be added before use. â‘¡ Use a power supply of 50HZ220V. The power of the power supply must be greater than or equal to the total power of the instrument. The power supply must have a good "ground" device. â‘¢ The instrument should be placed in a ventilated and dry place, with a distance of 30mm away from obstacles on the back and sides. â‘£After use, all switches should be in the off state, unplug the power plug.

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