You should do this makeup when you are sweet.

When you are dating sweetly with your boyfriend, I believe that the beautiful women will spend some time in front of the door to create a delicate look, just to be able to show their best side in front of the people they like. But if each date is the same date makeup, it will inevitably make people feel that there is no new idea, it is better to change it, transform into a sexy demon girl, give a surprise to her boyfriend, let him see your other perfect side.

You should do this makeup when you are sweet.

Eyebrow makeup

1. Understand the "three points and one line", that is, use the eyebrow pencil as the ruler, and the three points of the eyebrow, the end of the eye and the corner of the mouth are on a straight line;

2. Eyebrow powder + eyebrow cream to create a natural eyebrow makeup.

Lip makeup

The first step: apply a layer of lip balm;

Step 2: Apply lip lines to the lips; use a lip liner with a near-skin tone to correct the lip color;

Step 3: Apply lipstick or lip gloss.

You should do this makeup when you are sweet.

Eye makeup

The first step: brush eye shadow;

Step 2: Use the eyeliner to make a base, follow the root of the eyelashes, and fill the gaps in the eyelashes;

Step 3: Apply mascara, apply eyelashes upside down, and apply lashes from the roots;

Step 4: Stick the decorations.


1. Thoroughly clean;

2. Carefully sanded and trimmed;

3. Armor base oil can not be saved;

4. Select the color you like to apply.

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