Furniture e-commerce sentient beings like marketing innovation corner overtaking

From the traditional store in 2011, I feel that the business is not very good. In the past two to three times, the big blast has become a habitual program. When bargaining and tens of thousands of groups are common, furniture e-commerce has its tendency and high efficiency. No suspense becomes a hot spot.

On the whole, the current Chinese furniture e-commerce is divided into the following major groups.

1. Internet companies are engaged in home e-commerce, usually based on platforms. Typical representatives are Taobao (Tmall) home improvement, Sina home and Sohu focus home.

2. The network channels opened by traditional stores, such as Red Star Macalline, Real Home, Yuexing and other stores have invested in this.

3, traditional furniture brands enter, independent B2C platform, mainly to do the Amoy brand, all friends, Gu Jia, Ou Rui, Qu Mei and other companies online sales have been considerable.

4. Xinchuang furniture e-commerce company, such as Linshi Wood, Dalin, Jiayimei, etc., mainly based on Amoy brand, usually developed in connection with the production and marketing.

5, independent B2C furniture e-commerce or O2O platform, typical Melody, Shangpin home delivery.

A common understanding of everyone is that the e-commerce of furniture is the trend of the times. Some people even think that there will be no electricity or business in the future. Furniture e-commerce is the best choice to solve the current industry dilemma! However, the ideal is full, the reality is very skinny, from the market feedback. Looking back, it is obvious that it is not easy for furniture e-commerce to say that it is not easy to love you. Most of the furniture e-commerce companies (projects) are in a difficult exploration. Some insiders have pointed out that the furniture e-commerce is in a hurry. The embarrassing situation of "thunder and heavy rain" is generally considered to be inaccurate positioning, lack of professional groups, conflicts with traditional channels, and high operating costs, which have seriously hindered the development of furniture e-commerce.

Why is this business that everyone is optimistic about not making money? Where is the direction of furniture e-commerce breakthrough? To answer this question, let us first understand the difficulty of the real furniture e-commerce project:

1. Furniture is a non-standard product, which is not conducive to large-scale production;

2, the family has a very strong experience requirements, it is not easy to obtain the trust of customers without a physical store;

3, the professionalism of furniture assembly brings distribution problems, the last mile is costly.

4. The conflict between offline and online brands is difficult to coordinate.

How do you deal with the above difficulties?

Let's look at a few typical furniture e-commerce models, in order to understand the leopard to understand one or two. Taobao (Tmall Home Decoration Museum) is currently the most mature platform, with overwhelming advantages, similar platform has Jingdong Home Furnishings, such a platform is an online hypermarket, collecting and attracting gold is in a strong position. Most of the Amoy brand furniture e-commerce companies rely on the traditional regional origin of furniture, the strong regional supply advantages of the wholesale and retail center. For example, Lecong's leading business port has concentrated dozens of furniture e-commerce companies. The rich second generation Hongmei Mall, which was born with the golden key, has been renamed as “Easy Star Home”. The model has also been adjusted from the O2O+B2B2C to B2C. The Red Star’s e-commerce road is extremely rough and full. Money, eye-catching teams, and top-level experience stores across the country seem to be inevitable, but the results of the year have been astounding. Immediately afterwards, the home of the family also released their e-commerce plan in a high-profile manner. The e-commerce business in hypermarkets seems to be in a "self-contradictory" situation, and the e-commerce business naturally conflicts with the profit model of commercial real estate!

Melaleuca, which originated in Taobao, was the first independent B2C vertical furniture e-commerce brand, which was well received by capital. The second round of financing reached 40 million US dollars. Adequate capital and first-mover advantage allowed it to grow rapidly from 2012. The first company opened in April, and now has 205 experience halls, and has embarked on an O2O road with an annual growth rate of 300%. The new home network of Shangpin Home is located in “customized furniture”, relying on the foundation of many years of customized business, it also makes a sound. Cool Manju and Jiayi's sales in Tmall increased with relatively standardized products. The traditional production of all-you-can-drinkers, customers, and so on, the strong production capacity and financial strength make the e-commerce business soar.

Furniture is a large-scale sales-resistance product, and the frequency of consumption is low, so the influence of product brands on consumers is relatively weak, and channel brands such as Red Star Macalline and Real Home are naturally more advantageous to the public, which explains why In the development process of the industry, manufacturers and dealers feel that the business is difficult to do, because the over-regulation of the large-scale channel of rent collection model overdraws the future of the industry and abducts the profits of the industry. Taobao is a big landowner who exists in the online world. Today, it seems that the development of the okay Amoy brand will also fall into the fate of making a wedding dress. Taobao Xiao Er's systematic corruption is similar to the situation of some big stores at the moment. If you don't have a good relationship with the mall manager, you can't get a good position and you can't get resources to support it... Taobao platform expensive traffic costs, each Promotional activities have also greatly weakened the profits that are not substantial.

Melaleuca is the first vertical B2C furniture e-commerce brand in China. The first is better than the best. Melaleuca is also carrying out the cornering overtaking with its marketing innovation. It is estimated that the sales in 2013 will reach 2 billion. The leading brand of furniture e-commerce! Melaleuca is doing its best to take the O2O road firmly. Its recent development of the offline experience hall is “crazy”, and the total number of experience halls has doubled in one month, including June 2013. More than 30 stores opened, less than a year and a half, the store has increased from zero to 205, fully established the barriers to competition, opened the gap between the Amoy brand.

Melaleuca has always been known as the “best and cheap” cost-effective products, and is well received by consumers. For example, the special-selling Mediterranean-style American-made poplar wood bed costs only 1499 yuan, and it is hot after the launch. According to the reporter's understanding that this bed is purchased in Southeast Asia, where labor is cheaper, the low-cost advantage of global large-scale procurement supports Melaleuca to provide products to consumers at preferential prices. This is also the rapid acquisition of Melaleuca. The fundamental driving force for market recognition and rapid development! Melody CEO Gao Yang said in an interview that in the current situation, Melaleuca cannot be profitable. However, he is not worried about being able to achieve profitability. When the terminal network is built up, profit is a natural thing. He said that the average monthly sales per store is 70-100 million. If it is not the cost of supporting the experience hall, they have already achieved profitability. Someone once asked what the ultimate goal of Melody is. Gao Yang replied: "Let consumers use cheap furniture that is cheap and beautiful, so that the Chinese furniture industry can produce the same high-efficiency channel brand as Jingdong. In the final analysis, consumers can buy the furniture with ease and ease of use. The base of the value of Melody!"

This is a smashing, who can become the real king, we leave time to give the answer!

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