Prevention and treatment of muscle soreness after summer exercise

Summer is the most suitable season for sports. At this time, many people go out of their homes and choose the sport that suits them. Many people participated in the exercise and found that muscle soreness often does not appear immediately after exercise, but appears on the second or third day, and gradually relieves after 2-3 days. If muscle soreness is caused by lactic acid accumulation during exercise, then it should reach its peak immediately after exercise or after exercise. How can it appear after the next day? What causes this muscle soreness? How to reduce or prevent it?

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This type of muscle soreness, which usually occurs 24 hours after exercise, is called delayed onset muscle soreness in sports medicine. The pain reached its peak 24-72 hours after exercise, and the pain disappeared after 5-7 days. In addition to soreness, there are muscle stiffness, which is only painful in the light, and the muscles in the heavy ones are swollen and hinder the activity. Delayed muscle soreness can occur in any skeletal muscle after intense exercise, especially after long distance running. Long-distance runners can experience pain in the hips, thighs, and anterior extensors and posterior flexors of the calves, with more prominent symptoms at the distal muscles and tendon junctions. After extreme exercise in the hot summer, in addition to muscle pain, symptoms such as dehydration, low calcium, and low protein may occur. The exact cause of this sore muscle is not fully understood. Most people believe that excessive muscle use can cause muscle soreness because:

1. The sharp increase in muscle tension and elasticity can cause physical damage to muscle structural components.

2. The increase in metabolism increases the toxicity of metabolic waste to tissues.

3. The neuromodulation of the muscle changes, causing the muscles to become paralyzed and cause pain.

Method for prevention and treatment of muscle soreness after exercise

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1. Exercise arrangements should be reasonable. After a period of exercise, the amount of exercise that was originally caused by muscle soreness was less frequent. And the performance is specific. For example, downhill exercise can reduce the muscle soreness caused by downhill exercise after a period of exercise.

2, local warming and rubbing drugs. Washing with warm water after exercise can reduce muscle soreness. Local application of oil, paste or rubbing agent can also reduce pain.

3, stretching muscles can reduce pain. Stretching muscles can speed up muscle relaxation and antagonize muscle relief, helping to restore muscle tension. This muscle stretching exercise also lays the foundation for preventing strain injuries during exercise.

4. Prepare activities and organize activities during exercise. Preparing for the activity to be adequate and organizing the exercise properly helps prevent or alleviate muscle soreness.

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