Purchase of panel furniture, pay attention to environmental protection and cost performance

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Most families choose wood when choosing the main body of the furniture, and other materials such as metal and plastic materials are used as supplements. The common wooden furniture in the market is two types of solid wood furniture and panel furniture. In the past two years, raw material prices have skyrocketed, and the price of solid wood furniture has been rising all the time. Especially high-quality solid wood furniture such as mahogany furniture is more affordable for ordinary people. In this situation, panel furniture has gradually become the main consumer, and the furniture with environmentally friendly materials has been recognized by the market.

High cost performance

Panel furniture is more popular among young people because of its moderate price, diverse styles, novel colors, diverse styles and not easy to deform. It is generally made of metal parts connected to the board, including boardboard, wood-based board, particle board, honeycomb board and so on. Home-used wardrobes, beds, dining tables, computer tables, chairs, coffee tables, etc., mostly belong to panel furniture.

The panel furniture mainly consists of board and wood combination, sheet metal combined furniture and pure board furniture. The combination of wood and wood means that the main supporting frame is made of solid wood, and the rest is made of wooden synthetic materials. The metal-bonded furniture refers to the metal fittings used for the main supporting frame, and the rest is made of wooden. Furniture products made of synthetic materials; pure board furniture refers to furniture made of MDF, particleboard and imported EGGER panels and other decorative materials.

At present, the raw materials of domestic panel furniture are mainly divided into three categories : the first one is the low-priced and inferior sheet used by small factories. Followed by the Lushuihe plate used by domestic brand enterprises, the plate is also divided into many levels, and the brand of “Lushuihe” is currently suffering from counterfeiting problems. In addition, it is the German imported EGGER plate used by the high-end brand of the plate. Although the price of such plate is high, the environmental protection factor is very guaranteed. At present, the “100% EGGER plate” is almost synonymous with the environmentally-friendly furniture in the furniture circle. .

Removable assembly

At present, panel furniture is favored by young people because of its easy disassembly and assembly. Since young people are in the initial stage of their careers, the housing area is mostly small, and the layout is mostly two-bedroom, one-bedroom and one-bedroom. Therefore, the space design and furniture layout of the housing should have a long-term consideration.

For example, you should choose a fresh and elegant style rather than a too strong furniture color and style. When purchasing furniture in large quantities for the first time, it is easy to see what you like and over-purchasing. In fact, the placement of furniture should take into account the living environment of children in the future, leaving some room for filling, and reserve sufficient space for the baby. .

In addition, the two-chamber layout often involves the layout of the study. It should be as small as possible, light, movable, multi-purpose, and can be disassembled and reorganized, because the study is likely to become a children's room in the near future, too complicated and complicated. Furniture will become a burden in the future.

Board furniture purchase points

According to Wen Shiquan, chairman of Yifeng Furniture, in addition to paying special attention to environmental protection, there are several tricks in selecting good panel furniture :

First of all, to check the appearance of the product and the quality of the surface , when buying furniture, mainly look at the surface of the furniture material, whether there are scratches, indentations, water marks, bubbles and residual substances in the glue leaving a bump on the finish, without the above defects. The appearance of the furniture surface is clear and natural, smooth and flat, with good visual effect and feel. For the purchase of symmetrical furniture, it is necessary to pay attention to the color of the two panels. The consistency and coordination of the texture make people feel like two plates. A piece of material.

Secondly, pay attention to the firmness of the furniture structure , and gently push the furniture by hand. If there is shaking or making a sound, the structure is not firm.

Third, pay attention to the gap between the furniture activities . For example: door seams, drawer seams, with appropriate clearance and balance, and the door and drawer should be free and smooth when opening and closing, no noise, but also see if the surface of the hardware accessories is peeling off.

Fourth, check the edge quality of the plate. See if the edge of the plate is chamfered , uneven, and warped. The good edge should be tightly adhered to the plate, and the surface should be smooth and free from roughness.

Finally, we must also consider whether the color of the furniture is compatible with the interior wall , the color of the floor, and whether the function meets the actual needs.

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