3A environmentally friendly paint world ideal

In the view of the 3A environmental protection paint management team, it is an uninterrupted ideal to keep pace with the world's most advanced architectural coating technology and to introduce foreign advanced technology to China. It is also a practical plan. .

This is a paint company that may not have caught up with Nippon and Dulux on a scale, but small but beautiful is its biggest feature. Even so, its international ideal has always been at the core of the strategy. In the past few years, it has made achievements beyond the peers, and won the evaluation of the “first brand of environmentally friendly paint” in the field of environmental protection coatings.

This is the 3A eco-friendly paint. Although its footprint has not yet gone abroad, since the brand was created, it has already begun to introduce the world's environmentally-friendly coating technology. In 2008, 3A environmental protection paint and DuPont of the United States reached a strategic cooperation, the introduction of TEFLON surface protection technology, launched 3A excellent net high anti-fouling full-effect wall paint, and upgraded to the second generation in 2012. "With the cooperation of DuPont for five years, 3A environmentally friendly paint has been at the forefront of the domestic first-line paint brand in terms of technology internationalization, which is a significant improvement in the Chinese paint industry." According to a senior person.

?? From the national standard to the European standard

?? In the view of 3A environmentally friendly paint, the paint is actually made of technology and standards. If you are responsible for the consumer, the most important thing to do is to produce the coating using the most stringent technical standards.

?? In 2012, through the global third-party agency Switzerland SGS testing, 3A environmental protection paints under the "love baby" and "you-resistant" have passed the European standards, of which 3A love baby paint achieves 2g / L in VOC control The global level is far superior to the European standard of 75g / L and the domestic standard of 120g / L. According to the test report obtained by the reporter, these products have reached the "undetected" standard on free formaldehyde and soluble heavy metals.

After that, 3A environmentally friendly paints have passed many European standards, including silver ions, whitening, and non-yellowing. They are the first to achieve internationalization of environmentally friendly coating technology standards and functional standards and environmental standards in China.

In fact, the European standard is just a transition of 3A environmentally friendly paints to the world level. They have even greater ideals. In early 2013, 3A environmentally friendly paints released a series of more environmentally friendly coating standards than European standards, including super Low VOC, zero APEO, zero formaldehyde content, pure odorless, no PFOS harmful substances, no lead metal chrome and other heavy metal ions. It also involves soft service requirements such as pure living space and 3A environmental protection services.

Vertical and on the platform and horizontal world ??

In 2013, this is the fifth year of strategic cooperation between 3A Environmental Paint and DuPont. This is the first Chinese brand of DuPont to cooperate on Teflon® surface protection technology.

"With the cooperation with DuPont, 3A environmentally friendly paint has reached the highest level in the country in the scrub resistance of paints, and it is also very advantageous in the world." An industry expert commented that he believes that DuPont was founded in the United States. In 1802, it was ranked among the world's top 500 companies, and 3A environmental protection lacquer team, which has strong strength in the world, has played a significant role in improving its international quality and influence.

According to historical records, about 70 years ago, chemist Dr. Roy J. Plunkett invented PTFE resin at DuPont's Jackson Laboratory in New Jersey, USA. DuPont used "Teflon" as the brand name for the product. This technology is currently only licensed to 3A environmentally friendly paints in the Chinese coatings industry.

This is just a striking step in the international quality of 3A environmental protection paint. In fact, in addition to DuPont, 3A environmentally friendly paint also has world-class such as Bayer, BYK, BASF, Henkel and Degussa. Partner. By cooperating with world-class multinational companies, it has significantly improved its competitiveness in the domestic first-class paint brand camp.

According to informed sources, the cooperation between the two sides has been warming up in a pleasant atmosphere. In 2009, DuPont’s global marketing director Osullivan and his party visited the headquarters of 3A environmental protection paint in Foshan. At that time, he was so high on “3A environmental protection paint”. Positive attitude and unprecedented strength have greatly appreciated the promotion of the cooperative product, 3A Younai Net Product, in key national markets.

After a meeting in 2012, DuPont's head of Applied Chemistry and Fluorine Products said that after four years of cooperation, the company has been recognized by a large number of Chinese consumers, once again proving the TEFLON brand's advocacy. The concept of making life easier is recognized in dozens of countries around the world and is also welcomed in the Chinese market.

?? This is an ongoing ideal

In the view of the 3A environmental protection paint management team, it is an uninterrupted ideal to keep pace with the world's most advanced architectural coating technology and to introduce foreign advanced technology to China. s plan.

?? "We have to go a long way. Now we have achieved some results. Some core products like Aibao and Younai have indeed created conditions for the improvement of China's home environment, but our pace will not slow down. All the good technologies that appear in the world, we will find ways to introduce, and our company, now also set up a national-level research institute, investing more than 10 million per year, also in accordance with world-class standards for research and development." 3A An executive of environmentally friendly paint made a further interpretation of the brand's ideals in an interview.

In fact, even in the cooperation with DuPont, the pace of 3A environmentally friendly paint is also very tight. According to the report, in October 2012, the 4th anniversary of the cooperation between 3A environmental protection paint and DuPont, the two sides have produced new cooperation results. The second generation of excellent and durable products was released in the mainland market. According to authoritative reports at the time, this new product showed six upgrades, including DuPont Teflon® surface protection technology, DuPont Ti-PureTM technology, ultra-low VOC, Water proof II formula, Bright color multi-color protection, as well as APEO, PFOS, heavy metal without added.

An elderly person in the paint industry believes that from the introduction of world-class advanced technology and the establishment of the strongest cooperative alliance to the Chinese paint industry and 3A environmental protection paint, to the brand going abroad and achieving international management, This is an ongoing ideal. Although it still has a long way to go, it is very realistic, and the prospects for the future are full of expectations.

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