Healthy belly training method

First of all, we started from the action of Kneeling, kneeling on the ground and holding the belly wheel in our hands. Then, inhale, let your back bend to the maximum in a certain degree, try to tighten your hips and tighten your chin. Keep your hips (and thighs) perpendicular to the ground. In this movement, your hips must not be lifted too high backwards, or the back is sagged downwards and gradually lowers the body, and keeps the force to control the entire training action before the body reaches the ground.

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Then we let the body fall in the full control of the force, and keep the tension in the process of falling to the floor. Don't let the process of descending be surprisingly slow when you start training the belly wheel. You will feel fatigue prematurely and even get injured before you reach the ground. Perhaps during the descent, your training partner is strapped under your waist and hips with a wide belt and sports protection, which may be a good way to prevent you from getting out of control during your exercise.

It must be noted during exercise that your back should not sag downward. Make sure the back is slightly curved, or at least keep the back straight. If you can't ensure the accuracy of the action, then you may hurt your lower back and you are not prepared for this evil belly wheel exercise.

Don't pick up your hips! Don't let your back sag down! In the process of running down, try to make your chest touch the ground, and then try to bend the back slightly curved while keeping your arms tight. Don't exhale when your body doesn't reach the top. In addition, the harder part is the rest when exhaling and close to the ground. Then, inhale and bend your back, then return to the initial state (è·ª position).

If it's hard to shrink your belly wheel, you'll always try to extend your arm forward and passively hold it, or you can only do half of the belly wheel.

In the end, you will be able to skillfully repeat the action of this set of belly wheels. Until one day, you may be able to complete the training of the belly wheel with the legs in a straight position and the knees not touching the ground.

Product Name Wood block board/Melamine Blockboard
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Thickness Tolerance +/-0.3~0.5mm
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  Fancy Veneer
Surface Treatment Sanded, UV coated, smoked or embossed
Veneer Cut Type Q/C, C/C or R/C
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Melamine Blockboard

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