Grain Dojo: Rich Dad can’t help losing son

Grain Dojo: Rich Dad can’t help losing son

The core message: If you say that "Wu Gu Dao Chang" was caused by the failure of the founder Wang Zhongwang's mismanagement, what does it mean that COFCO, the powerful state-owned enterprise, is still holding on to the shelves?

Since the second half of 2012, it has been difficult to see the grain market. "Fall Dojo" has a lot of fans in the non-fried instant noodles, but many supermarkets are now experiencing a "can't buy" experience that reflects the embarrassing situation that the grain company has been acquired by COFCO for three years...

Huang Shuai ghost comment:

1. The concept of "non-fried" in the grain field is a brand-new impact on the industry. Even instant noodles have begun to talk about "nutrition". It can be imagined that consumers' demand for health is also constantly improving. . The concept of positioning itself is not wrong, but the taste and taste of the product can not keep up despite repeated changes. For the convenience and taste of the first, it is also one of the missing attributes of the product.

2. Brand building is a complete system, with a unified planning and configuration. From the initial cultural construction of products to the promotion and adjustment of products, promotion, and even the terminal image, they must coordinate with each other. Brands are alive and have their own specific stages of growth. Blind expansion only accelerates destruction.

3, the channel does not have to be broad, but it must be stable, any brand promotion work is built on its foundation. How to intensively cultivate and lay a solid foundation is the main direction of development for Wudang Daochang in the next few years.

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