Rubber wood classification

Domestic and imported.

The price of domestic rubber wood is 2,500-3,000 yuan / cubic.

The price of imported rubber wood is about 3,500 yuan / cubic, and some even more than 6,000 yuan / cubic, imported rubber wood is the leader in the furniture market.

              Desk Keyboard Drawer Tray

An optional keyboard drawer can be added desk. If you have a keyboard, simply attach the keyboard drawer and place the keyboard in the drawer to clear up your desktop space. The drawer also comes with a small compartment with a flip-open lid. This is great for small stationary such as paper clips, pins, staples, erasers, pens, etc. If you are a laptop user and does not need a keyboard, the keyboard drawer doubles as a regular drawer to keep all your stationary, and more. 

1. The plastic keyboard drawer is a supporter of computer keyboard.
2. It is composed of a keyshelf support and a slide rail.
3. Our product is made of high quality PP and ABS, and has black or gray color for option.
Keyboard Tray

keyboard tray - no keyboard

Keyboard Tray

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