Dust removal equipment design

Filter element

The filter element can be woven (or needled) into a filter material by cotton fiber, glass fiber or various chemical fibers, and then sewed into a vertical hanging filter bag, and different filter materials are used in different occasions. The dust collected on the filter bag is deformed by periodic mechanical shaking, filtered flue gas backflushing or pulsed backflushing of compressed air to remove the ash.
The filter cake (filter bed) that the flue gas can pass through the filter bag and the filter surface depends on the pressure difference across the filter layer - this pressure difference is commonly referred to as the tube plate pressure differential dp (sometimes referred to as the filter bed pressure differential). In the fly ash collection, a special parameter is the filter smoke rate - the amount of gas filtered per square meter of filter cloth per minute. The pressure difference dp of the filter bed is linearly proportional to the speed of the smoke, and therefore also linearly proportional to the flow rate of the flue gas.

This fixed proportionality coefficient is often referred to as filter resistance. According to this definition, the filter resistance is independent of the flue gas flow and is somewhat similar to the concept of resistance. We express the average filtration rate as the air-to-cloth ratio—the ratio of the amount of smoke to the entire filtration area (in m3/m2/min). This parameter is a very important technical indicator in the selection and design of bag dust removal equipment.

The remaining pressure loss of the bag dedusting equipment is generated by the flue and baffle doors between the inlet flanges of the bag dedusting equipment. The magnitude of this pressure drop is proportional to the square of the flow rate of the flue gas, so the pressure drop Δp. of the entire bag dedusting device is quadratic with the amount of flue gas.

K1=Kdrag/A (Kdrag=filter, A=filtered surface area)
K2 = pressure loss coefficient of flue gas passage and flapper door Q = smoke volume

The performance of the dust removal device is expressed by the amount of gas that can be treated, the resistance loss when the gas passes through the dust removal device, and the dust removal efficiency. At the same time, the price of dust removal equipment, operating and maintenance costs, the length of service life and the difficulty of operation management are also important factors to consider its performance.

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