Beauty slimming: Japan and South Korea banana vinegar diet

Bananas can lose weight, and I believe that it is clear to many beauty people or those who care about health. Today, 360 Cosmetics Network Xiaobian brings you a few banana and weight loss methods that Japan and South Korea are very popular.


In the daily diet, you don't need to deliberately lose weight, and the method is incredibly simple. This is because the various active ingredients contained in bananas and brown sugar are dissolved in vinegar, and the active ingredients of vinegar itself are used to turn banana vinegar into a super slimming drink .

Banana vinegar DIY:

Banana vinegar is very simple to make and can be completed in less than 5 minutes, giving you a sense of accomplishment!


Banana 100g + brown sugar 100g + fruit vinegar 200ml.

Banana vinegar practice:

STEP 1: The banana is peeled and cut into pieces, and the thickness is about 2 cm.

STEP 2: Put the cut banana into a sealed bottle for microwave oven, add brown sugar, pour 200ml fruit vinegar, and shake it a little.

STEP 3: Put in the microwave oven and heat it for 30-40 seconds to dissolve the brown sugar.

STEP 4: After taking it out, it will be finished at room temperature and it will be finished the next day!

Production points:

1. It is also possible to use white sugar, honey and rock sugar, but the brown sugar contains the most minerals and organic matter. Although fruit vinegar is best suited with bananas, it can also be replaced with rice vinegar and old vinegar.

2, the use of microwave ovens can accelerate the dissolution of brown sugar, which is beneficial to the red sugar nutrients into the vinegar juice.

3, banana vinegar can be stored for 1 year at room temperature, if the temperature is high, it is best to put it in the refrigerator.

Beauty slimming: Japan and South Korea banana vinegar diet

Banana vinegar 4 drinking method:

Point 1. Drink 3 tablespoons a day. You can assign 1 tablespoon each in the morning, afternoon and evening, and eat the pickled bananas by the way.

Point 2, can be directly drink, or diluted with cold water, drink before meals, but the bad stomach is recommended to drink 10 minutes after a meal.

Point 3, according to the ratio of banana vinegar: water = 1:10, put into the thermos bottle, can be used as drinking water during exercise, a light slightly acidic, similar to the taste of sports drinks, can be added minerals, sugar, amino acids, Helps quickly restore strength.

Point 4, banana vinegar in addition to direct drinking, can also be added to food, such as: milk, soy milk, vegetable juice, stewed vegetables, etc., delicious and can make the nutrition in the food play multiply effect.

For example: 1 tablespoon of banana vinegar + 1 cup of milk, the taste is similar to yogurt. 1 tablespoon of banana vinegar + 1 cup of soy milk, so that the rich soy milk is refreshed.

Beauty slimming: Japan and South Korea banana vinegar diet

Question 1: Why can banana vinegar lose weight?

Answer: Banana vinegar diet is a slimming effect by the “citric acid cycle”. When acetic acid, citric acid, and malic acid contained in vinegar enter the human body, citric acid circulation occurs. Citric acid cycle is the decomposition of nutrients such as fat, carbohydrates and proteins into energy. Even if you eat high-calorie foods, fat is not only easy to accumulate in the body, but also broken down in the body. The citric acid cycle works best because the glucose contained in the banana is more activated.

Question 2: Does a sweet banana have a slimming effect?

Answer: 1 ordinary banana is about 100g, and the calorie is about 87 calories. It is about 70 calories less than half a bowl of rice and 1 piece of toast. The slimming ingredients are even more complete.

Help digestion: enzymes, magnesium, enzymes and digestion, metabolism, anti-aging and so on. Banana contains food enzyme starch to help digestion of sugar; magnesium can prevent mood anxiety and fatigue, improve enzyme activity, improve malnutrition, and maintain intestinal moisture, helping defecation.

Helps fat burning: Zinc, calcium and zinc can stimulate the satiety center of the brain, promote the inhibition of the synthesis of appetite substances, and also help to burn fat hormones and avoid accumulation of fat cells; calcium can excrete excess water in the body, avoid edema, and Promotes metabolism and breaks down excess fat.

Improve metabolism: Vitamin B group, C, E. Vitamin C is an indispensable element that promotes basal metabolism. It also helps in the carnitine synthesis of fat burning. It also prevents overeating due to stress. Vitamin B group can increase the metabolism rate of three major nutrients such as sugar, lipid and protein. It increases cell activity and regulates female hormones; vitamin E, which has good anti-oxidation effect, promotes blood circulation and produces CoQ10 which improves metabolism and breaks down fat.

Improve intestinal environment: Oligosaccharide, dietary fiber Oligo oligosaccharide can increase beneficial bacteria such as Enterobacteriaceae in the intestine, improve intestinal environment and promote gastrointestinal motility; Banana is rich in water-soluble dietary fiber and can absorb lipids in small intestine Reduces fat accumulation and absorbs moisture, helping to improve bowel movements.

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