Taking high-end equipment as a breakthrough to develop waterproof testing machine

Throughout the world's most important industrial powers, its waterproof testing machine manufacturing industry is relatively developed. For China, which is marching towards an industrialized country, how to develop a good instrument and equipment industry is crucial.

According to the source of funds and technology, there are two main modes for the development of the waterproof testing machine industry in the world: one is based on domestic funds and technology, and the other is based on foreign capital and technology. Industrially developed countries generally adopt the first model, while developing countries often adopt the second model due to conditions.

The current status of the rain test chamber industry is: China's instrumentation equipment industry faces both opportunities and challenges in the severe situation of large-scale foreign investment and surge in imports. In the development process of the global instrumentation equipment industry globalization, it has a leading role in China's instrumentation equipment.

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