Temperature shock test chamber further strengthens reform, development and construction

In recent years, the country has adopted policies and policies to further increase infrastructure construction, expand domestic demand and stimulate economic growth, as well as large-scale investment in urban and rural power grid construction and transformation, which has brought rare opportunities to the temperature shock test chamber industry. The market demand for products has generally maintained a growth trend.

At present, the domestic production capacity of instrumentation products has been seriously surplus. In the increasingly fierce market competition, price will be an important means of market competition. At present, in order to ensure market share, various enterprises have made the greatest efforts on product prices, so that the entire industry is in a state of micro yesterday, and there is no room for price reduction. Since the entire market demand is in a state of oversupply, the possibility of product price increases is also very small. On the whole, the prices of instrumentation products will remain stable in recent years, and their prices will be higher than those of old products, but the performance-price ratio of products will have obvious advantages compared with old products.

With the development of electronic technology, the integration of chips is constantly improving, and its testing completely depends on automatic test systems. Some large-scale scientific research projects, military and aerospace engineering tests are also completely dependent on automatic test systems. From completely independent automatic test systems to flexible and modular combined and modular automatic test systems are the hot spots of future market demand.

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