Waterproof test box standby setting

The standby setting of the waterproof test box is shown in Figure 5-5-1.

Figure 5-5-1 Standby settings

WAIT MODE: Select the standby function on or off.

TEMP ZONE: Set the temperature waiting range.

HUMI ZONE: Set the humidity waiting range.

WAIT TIME: set the waiting time

For example: set SP = 90 ℃, wait zone (TEMP.ZONE) = 5 ℃, wait zone is 85 ℃ ~ 95 ℃, wait time (WAIT.TIME) = 1H; if PV arrives in wait zone before the end of wait time, execute The next segment; if the PV has not reached the waiting area before the end of the waiting time, it continues to wait until the waiting time ends or reaches the waiting area before executing the next segment. It has to satisfy the two conditions of waiting area and waiting time at the same time.

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