Thermal tension reduction technology is used in the special steel pipe welded pipe industry

On October 15th, the first heat-reduced diameter welded pipe developed by Baoji Steel Pipe Baoji Special Pipe Co., Ltd. was successfully rolled off the assembly line, marking the first time that the heat-reduced diameter reducing technology was successfully applied to the oil special pipe welded pipe industry in China.

The reporter saw at the commissioning production site that the straight seam steel pipe with a diameter of 193.7 mm slowly entered the intermediate frequency electric induction heating equipment. After about 40 seconds, the steel pipe with a temperature of more than 900 degrees Celsius passed the intermediate frequency equipment and entered the tension reducing machine. Entering the cooling bed, the diameter becomes 139.7 mm. The working principle of the thermal tension reduction technology is that the welded straight seam steel pipe is used as the mother pipe, after heating to a certain temperature, after a series of extrusion stretching in the tension reduction machine, the outer diameter and wall thickness of the steel pipe change To get the finished tube blank of corresponding size.

Thermal tension reduction technology was previously widely used in the seamless steel pipe industry. Compared with seamless steel pipes, heat-strength reduced-welded pipes have the advantages of small wall thickness tolerance, small cutting head loss and high product yield, which can reduce production costs.

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