Colloidal gold technology

Colloidal gold technology is a detection technology introduced in the 1970s and is widely used in biology and medicine. It has become a commonly used detection technology.

The colloidal gold technology uses a microporous membrane as the solid phase. The solid phase membrane has many pores. Like filter paper, the commonly used solid phase membrane is nitrocellulose membrane. mobile. Using these two properties, two different types of rapid detection methods have been established. The former is called immunodiafiltration test, the latter is called immunochromatography test, and the two are collectively called "gold standard". Colloidal gold, also known as gold sol, is a suspension of gold particles formed by reducing gold salts to atomic gold. Colloidal gold has colloidal properties, color rendering and light absorption. Therefore, the results can be observed by the naked eye, which is the most simple and convenient detection method.

Immune diafiltration test (IFA) is based on nitrocellulose membrane as the carrier, using the filterability of the microporous membrane, allowing antigen and antibody reaction and washing on a special diafiltration device, the way of diafiltration through the membrane Completed quickly.

Immunochromatography test (ICA) is another membrane solid phase immunoassay initiated after IFA. Unlike the filtering performance of IFA using microporous membranes, the sample solution dropped on one end of ICA moves to the other end by the capillary action of the membrane, just like chromatography. During the movement, the analyte binds to the receptor (antigen or antibody) fixed in a certain area of ​​the membrane and is solid-phased, and the irrelevant substance is separated across the area and then the color of the marker is used to determine the experimental result. . The test that uses colloidal gold as a marker is called the gold immunochromatography test (GICA). Colloidal gold technology can be used for the detection of antigens, antibodies, various proteins, hormones and drugs of infectious diseases.

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