Ion selective electrode and indicator electrode

Ion selective electrode (PF-1 type fluoride ion electrode, ion selective electrode, PCL-1 type chloride ion electrode, 6801 type sodium ion electrode, PNH3-1 type ammonia gas sensor, PCa-1 type calcium ion electrode, PBF4 -1 type fluoroborate electrode, PNO3-1 type nitrate ion electrode, PI-1 type iodide ion electrode, PCN-1 type cyanide ion electrode, PBr-1 type bromine ion electrode, PAg / S-1 type silver sulfide ion Electrode, PCu-1 copper ion electrode, PK-1 potassium ion electrode, domestic ion selective electrode) is a type of electrochemical sensor that uses membrane potential to determine the activity or concentration of ions in solution. When the solution is in contact, a membrane potential directly related to the ion activity is generated at the phase interface between its sensitive membrane and the solution. The ion-selective electrode is different from the classical electrode, the electrode potential of the latter is the redox potential; the membrane potential of the former is generated by the ion exchange balance on the surface of the electrode membrane.

The indicator electrode refers to (213 type platinum electrode, 216 type silver electrode) the electrode that can produce Nernst response to the activity of the ions participating in the semi-reaction in the solution or the ions of different oxidation states, which is determined by measuring the electromotive force of the battery Or measure the current flowing through the electrolytic cell under the condition of external voltage, you can know the concentration of a certain ion in the solution. Commonly used indicator electrodes are mainly divided into two categories: metal electrodes and membrane electrodes. ,

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