Maintain and maintain offset printing equipment from four aspects

China's printing industry has introduced a large number of advanced printing machines. These printing machines have the characteristics of high automation, fast printing speed and good product quality. However, as the service life increases, the wear and damage of the equipment also increase. In addition to natural wear, some parts are accelerated wear and damage caused by the harsh operating conditions of the equipment. If the normal maintenance and maintenance of the printing press cannot be performed normally, the technical performance of the equipment will be reduced, thereby reducing the printing quality. Improving the integrity of the equipment, ensuring that the printing quality does not decline, smooth production, and reducing the loss caused by improper maintenance, all of which further illustrate how important the maintenance of the printing equipment is.

The following points fully explain the importance and necessity of equipment maintenance:

1. Oil circuit

In terms of oil circuit, the lubrication of production equipment is an important part of equipment maintenance. Keeping the oil path of the printing machine unblocked is related to the lubrication of the moving parts of the entire machine. It is necessary to regularly replace the engine oil and clean the oil line filter device, so that the oil flowing into the pipeline does not contain impurities and avoid partial blockage of the oil path. In particular, a needle roller bearing supporting the drum of a unit, if there is no lubrication and cooling of the oil, will cause the bearing and the drum shaft to dry friction for a long time. When the abnormality is found, the shaft and the inner ring of the bearing have been glued. Replace the inner ring with a lighter one; the roller shaft of a heavy one is seriously damaged.

2. Mechanical angle

From a mechanical point of view, only when the equipment operator strengthens maintenance and maintains the mechanical moving parts of the machine clean and lubricated and operates flexibly can the technical performance of the equipment be fully utilized and the equipment be kept intact. Anyone who has used a Heidelberg printing machine knows that the bearing seats of the inking and water rollers and the pressure-adjusting worm seats of the Heidelberg multicolor printing machine are most susceptible to wear, and the ink is particularly easy to accumulate on the bearing seat and its landing gear and worm seat It is a unit that prints gold and silver ink. If it cannot be cleaned in time, the metal particles will accelerate the wear of the bearing seat or the worm seat if the time is long. It usually takes several hours to remove the worn inking roller bearing seat from the machine wall, because the bearing seat is fixed to the landing gear with a shaft retaining ring, the space is extremely narrow, only a few centimeters of loose position, you need to use The mirror can only find the two holes on the retaining ring, and it is also time-consuming to remove the retaining ring and reinstall the bearing seat and its landing gear. The same is true when attaching and detaching the water roller holder. Different multi-color offset presses have different installation methods for the pressure-adjusting worm seat: one is that the fixing bolt of the fixing seat is fixed and locked from the outside to the machine wall (easy to install and remove); the other is that the fixing bolt is from the machine wall Lock outward (mostly in this way), the space position is narrow, and it is difficult to assemble, disassemble and maintain. If the machine staff understands this, maintains and maintains cleanliness on a regular basis, and removes the ink accumulated on the machine in time, there is no need to frequently replace the bearing seat and the worm seat. This can not only reduce downtime, improve production efficiency, but also save spare parts replacement costs.

In order to prevent smearing of printed materials, offset printing machines generally use powder spraying. If the amount of powder sprayed is too large and it cannot be cleaned in time, it will also cause some failures, such as the failure of the automatic lifting device for the paper collection, and the damage of the paper suction wheel mechanism. It is worth mentioning that the suction deceleration wheel of the Heidelberg offset printing machine receiving device. If the powder around the axle and the suction deceleration belt cannot be removed in time, the powder and the engine oil will form a sludge. After a long time, the sludge will stick to the suction The air reduction wheel shaft prevents it from rotating. In order to protect the motor that drives the reduction wheel shaft, the gears in the reduction mechanism are forced to peel or sweep teeth. And the motor is related to the dampening system circuit. Once a failure occurs, the whole machine will stop. To eliminate the fault, a new gear needs to be installed. Therefore, usually clean these mechanisms more, otherwise, the machine can only print thick-as a supporting role, if printing thin paper, because the suction deceleration wheel does not work, it will cause the paper collection mechanism to mess up and reduce production efficiency .

3. Electrical aspects

Heidelberg offset presses are equipped with many safety devices and are very sensitive. As long as they are slightly touched, the entire machine will stop running. Sometimes too much dust accumulates at the relay contacts inside the electrical control box of the machine, resulting in poor contact of the relay contacts, making the machine inoperable.

There are many other similar problems, such as excessive accumulation of dust in the motor will image the movement and reset of the carbon brush holder, and the compression force of the spring on the carbon brush holder to the carbon brush, so that the carbon brush and the commutator copper head Poor contact can also cause difficulty in machine operation.

4. Airway

The four-color and five-color offset presses produced by Heidelberg in the late 1980s all use a starting device to control the cylinder clutch pressure, the inking plate of the ink roller, the water roller, and the ink transfer roller. Each unit of the multi-color printing machine has several two-position five-way control valves to control these actions. By controlling the movement of the cylinder piston through the control valve, the actions of the inking roller, the water roller leaving the plate and the ink transfer roller can be realized. Sometimes, the water in the control valve or the air cylinder causes the air valve seal to be damaged, which causes the control valve or the air cylinder to leak air, making the inking roller and water roller off the plate not well. In addition, due to the accumulation of ink in the motion control mechanism, the movement of these moving parts is not flexible, but the burden on the control valve and the air cylinder is increased, which leads to the vulnerable seal of the control valve and the deformation of the air cylinder piston. In addition, due to the aging of the air hose, the pipeline leaks, and the pipeline pressure drops rapidly, so that the control valve cannot be opened, and the clutch pressure action cannot be completed. If the pressure is increased, the life of the image compressor will be further accelerated, so the change of the pressure of the air valve or the air cylinder alone is used to solve the problem of poor landing gear. It is not thorough. Clean these operating mechanisms frequently to maintain flexible operation. It is a long-term plan to ensure that the gas path does not leak or accumulate water.

All these problems are caused by poor maintenance, so it is very important to strengthen maintenance and do daily, weekly and monthly maintenance. It can not only extend the service life of the machine, but also improve production efficiency.

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